10 Life Lessons from the Film, Damilola Mike Bamiloye’s Recitation

10 Life Lessons from the Film, Damilola Mike Bamiloye’s Recitation

10 Life Lessons from the Film, Damilola Mike Bamiloye’s Recitation

Report by Victor Oroyi – A good film comes with several life lessons for its viewers.  So, it is with Damilola Mike Bamiloye’s Recitation, in this review, we take a look at 10 life lessons from the film and how it will help you.

Recitation is a 2023 film from the stable of The Mount Zion Film Productions. The film is written, produced and directed by Damilola Mike Bamiloye. A simple but inspiring story of a young school lad, Testimony.  The school lad who wants to be in school strives against the odds of his father’s choice.

1) Somebody Will Always Believe in Us

Despite, what we think we are, and the things we don’t have, there is somebody out there that believes in us.  They believe in our potentials, talents, abilities and gifting even when they are not glaring for all to see.

Testimony, the lead character in Recitation, faces daily scorn from his classmates but his class teacher believed him to become great in the face of evidenced physical challenges.

2) Believe in Your Dream

Your challenges should not deprived you of dreaming.  One of the things, the teacher reminded Testimony, when he complained on how, students in his class treated him and laugh at him, was his dream.  Testimony resorted to it as ‘just a dream’.

Dreams are tools that helps us to see the future.  They act as propellers to navigate through the bellowing seas of life to a safe shore.  Testimony had a dream but didn’t believe in it because of the realities around him.

3) Challenges Brings Opportunities in Life

How can a boy challenged with speech impediment take part in a bible recitation competition? He will quoting 50 bible verses in 5 minutes!  Now that was the opportunity that came for Testimony to overcome his challenges.

Testimony first challenge came when his father asked him to stop school. When he announced this to his teacher, the teacher became worried.

The second challenge surfaced as Testimony went for the screening exercise for the bible recitation competition.  He was turned down but he had hope but listen to what he said to his father in the demonstration of his faith.

4) Your Background is Not the Problem…

Testimony’s father has given up on the educational training of his three boys after the demise of his younger brother, who he referred to as his benefactor and provider.  While Testimony’s two elder brothers are excited over their father’s decision, Testimony still went to school the following morning.

Most times, people blame their parents, background, upbringing and the many things they lack for their present state as failures. They failed to create their own path through faith, courage and vision to be successful.

Testimony shines through his ugly background to limelight charting his own course!

5) Where there is Destiny Helper, You Will Find Doubters in Life

Testimony was never alone in the battle against his educational pursuit and to remain in school.  His teacher, classmate were always by him.  Testimony’s teacher came as a destiny helper but his father was a doubter. Just as the lady that was hired to help Testimony improve on speech impediment.

The teacher volunteered to coach him for the competition seeing beyond his physical impediments.  His seatmate, provided support against the bullies in the class.

6) There are Still Intercessors

One of the life lessons in Damilola’s Recitation is the power of intercessory prayers.  With a simple prayer from the Teacher’s wife based on the scriptures, the breakthrough came just the following morning with a phone.

That intercessory prayer brought about another opportunity for Testimony to see himself on the big stage.  Have you prayed for somebody today?

7) The Power of Positive Mindset in Life

Everybody is faced with a challenge. There is nobody that is exempted from having a challenge in life’s journey but our mind and attitude towards these challenges is what makes the difference individually.

One of the things Testimony’s teachers did for him was to help him build a positive mindset.  Telling himself, “I can do all things through Christ’.  This is the first step to overcoming the challenges of life.

When the teacher told, Testimony about the competition, he doubted himself.

But he was exposed to the power of positive mindset, he overcame the self-doubt and encouraged himself.

Ironically, Testimony, quoted that bible verse in one minute without stammering when he was given the opportunity during the main competition.

8) Strive For Self Improvement

After building a positive mindset, go for self-improvement.  Testimony agreed that he has a problem but he can overcome it.  So, despite the perceived challenges, we must strive to challenge ourselves to become better through deliberate effort to practice in persistence.

Testimony used the night hours to learn and put to practice the few tips the speech therapist gave him.

9) Learn to Trust God…

Your ability to break barriers lies within your level of trust and faith in God.  See the faith action of Testimony, when he confessed his faith and trust in God. His father gave up, but Testimony, did not…

In life, when situation beyond our natural strength confronts us, we should activate our spiritual plug for a supernatural intervention in the place of prayer, build a positive mindset, turned to positive confession, and take steps of faith.

10) Miracles Still Happens


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