5 Reason Why You Need Cucumber in Your Diet Daily

5 Reason Why You Need Cucumber in Your Diet Daily

5 Reason Why You Need Cucumber in Your Diet Daily

Cucumber is often considered as a vegetable and fruit. A refreshing cucumber is long and lean, available in many colours containing a melon-like seeds. The taste is mild, while the cucumber skin is slightly bitter.

It is low in calories containing about 96% of water ideal for detoxification and prevention of dehydration. Cucumber has several minerals and vitamins required by the body daily offering a simple and effective ways to stay hydrated and nourished all time.

Here are 5 reasons why you need cucumber in your daily diet

1 – Helps to Regulate Blood Pressure

Due to the presences of potassium, magnesium and dietry fibre, the cucumber helps to regulate the blood pressure.

Research shows that a regular intake of cucumber juice reduces the blood presure in elderly people with hypertension.

2 – Helps to Reduce Blood Sugar

Cucumber is known to be helpful in the management and prevention of diabetes mellitus as it reduces blood sugar.

3 – Helps to Reduce the Risk of Cancer

Cucumber is rich in dietery fibers. These fibers possesses anti-cancer properties thus protects from colorectal cancer.

4 – Helps Prevent Bad Breath

The bacteria in the mouth that causes bad breath can be destroyed a chemical called phytochemicals and this is found in cucumber.

5 – Helps in Weight Loss

A 100g of cucumber contains 15.5 colaroies and 96% of water. This helps in the loss of weight.

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