Arts & Short Stories

The arts short stories category is focused on building a culture of writing, arts and culture preservation. Latest news on art personalities. A medium for Victor Oroyi to publish his works in poetry, drama and prose.

Also, the category is dedicated to promoting works of fiction, film reviews, poems, stage performance, and long essays by arts enthusiasm. Publication of latest news article in the world of tourism, culture and personalities.

  • Short Stories

Currently, the category publishes an online short stories titled They’re Not Vulnerable that seeks to highlight key sections of Violence Against Persons Prohibition, VAPP Act 2015. A weekly series raising issues on violence against women and children, VAWC. To create awareness on existing laws that protects victims of violence; helping them understand on their rights to seek justice.

Arts involvement in our daily lives can’t be overemphasized and short stories is an African thing.

  • Film reviews

On weekly basis, we publish a review on Nigeria and international films to critic originality on the plot, credits, and technical approach of a production. The review discuss thematic treatment of issues as it relates to society.

  • Poems

Everyday, we publish a poem from known to unknown poets. It is an avenue to give emerging poets a platform to publish their poetic works to a large audience. Poetry works is at the center of our work.

  • Arts Works and Exhibition

One of the primary goal of this category is to showcase arts works of emerging painters, sculpture, photography, virtual and contemporary arts. A weekly review of arts pieces shall be published on this category.

Short Stories and Arts, Poems, Tourism, Culture, And Personalities

Arts movement needs plenty of publicity, therefore, we shall continue to give media coverage to young artists to talk about their works. Arts exhibition of any form shall be covered by this platform.

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