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BBNaija Boma Kissed Angel as Saskay Sleeps With Cross – Condom Saga

BBNaija Boma Kissed Angel as Saskay Sleeps With Cross - Condom Saga
Housemate Boma kissing Angel

They are not finding it easy. Equal number of male and female in a mission provided with packs of Condom. Remember Boma kissed Angel while Saskay sleeps with Cross on his bed in BBNaija 2021.

Why on earth, will the HoH, Maria raise the alarm for missing condom packs. Organizers of Big Brother Naija 2021 and the Shine Ya Eye housemates should not take the sensibility of viewers for granted.

If Boma kissed Angel and Saskay sleeps with Cross, why is Maria looking for the missing packs of condom? But who asked Maria to look for the condoms, were they suppose to remain how they brought them or taken back?

Maria is just seeking for attention for asking, Boma kissed Angel passionately in BBNaija 2021 while in same night Saskay sleeps on Cross bed. Was it for fun?

There is an African proverb that says body no bi firewood. Maybe or maybe not after the long kiss, Boma and Angel decided to do don’t mind their gist after.

Saskay felt very cold of Biggie’s Air Conditioners during the night. She saw Cross as a warmer for the night and crossed over, how do Maria expect she is kept warm?

When Angel kissed Boma and Cross allowed Saskay sleeps with him in BBNaija is to make major highlights for the show. Big Brother Naija is a reality show where the Shine Ya Eye housemates are suppose to be real with the viewers.

We are suspecting Biggie, he instructed HoH Maria to raise the alarm of the missing packs of condom. You kept equal number of male and female, with 24 packs of condom, you expect them not use it.

Biggie and his HoH should allow these Shine Ya Eye housemates to have a field day. How do we know, when BBNaija organizers censor what the viewers see. Maria and Biggie knows whonis using it.

Is right for the HoH Maria to raise the alarm of missing condoms? Please share your comment on our Facebook page, Reflector TV.

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