Business News

Business News focuses on news finance, trades, investment, stock exchange, economic policy, small and medium scale business, and impact of inflation. This category will look at budgets of countries from the US to Africa with view of x-raying their impact on society.

  • Business News Today: Trade, Finance, Stock Exchange, Reflector TV

News in this category shall focus on educating entrepreneur on how to start a business. How to access grant and loans for start up.  It shall publish available business opportunities and how to access them.

A weekly publication on how to write a business plan, contract papers, proposal and business agreement.

It shall publish tips on money and how to make the right investment in any county. Stock market report from all the leading stock exchange in the world.

This category shall daily publish budgets and budgetary provision from leading countries around the world. It shall report economic policies of government in Africa, Europe, United States of America, US, and United Kingdom, UK.

The category shall bring news from the activities of the International Monetary Fund, IMF, World Trade Organization, WTO and other labour related regional organization to you.

This category shall publish exchange rates of international currency. We shall consider the dollar, pounds, Euro and Naira. It shall analysis the impact of these rate on economic growth.

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