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David Abioye Cross Over Night Service 31 December 2021 | No Carry Over

David Abioye Cross Over Night Service

David Abioye Cross Over Night Service 31 December 2021 | No Carry Over

David Abioye Cross Over Night Service 31 December 2021 | No Carry Over

Join today Friday 31 December 2021 cross over with Bishop David Abioye at Winners Chapel, Goshen for a Turnaround Encounter in God’s presence.  Don’t wait to be told.

Share the live streaming of Bishop David Abioye Cross over night service for today Friday 31 December 2021 with your friends and family to partake in the blessings of God. Jesus loves and cares for you.

Watch David Abioye Cross Over Night Service Here

About Bishop David Abioye

David Olatunji Abioye is a Nigerian Christian author and preacher, the First Vice President of the Living Faith Church Worldwide. He is a bishop and the senior pastor of the Abuja church (Goshen city) with over 30,000 worshippers

Bishop David Abioye is born into a family from Kwara State, Abioye is married to Mary Abioye; they have three children. He studied Mechanical Engineering in the university.

He worked as a lecturer at Open Cast Polytechnic, Auchi from 1985 till 1986, and wanted to start a technological firm to solidify his finances. However, when he met future founder of Living Faith Church Worldwide, David Oyedepo at a Christian Student Fellowship in the 1980s, he was inspired by the what he saw as his passion and love for God. Over the years, their relationship transcends from brotherly friendship to a spiritual mentor.

After the departure of Oyedepo to Lagos, Abioye was the senior pastor of Garden of Faith, Kaduna, which was the former national headquarters of the church. In 1993, he became a bishop in the church.

Apart from focusing on the core messages of the church, which include Faith, Prosperity and Signs and Wonders, he is also gifted in motivating the saints of God towards spiritual stewardship, victorious Christian living and developing intimate relationship with God. All of these, you will find in the simple, practical and life applicable teachings presented on this site, which will undoubtedly produce notable proofs in your life.

Abioye has published over 10 Christian, inspirational and motivational books, mini books, magazines and other resources.

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