Dr. Yusuf JS: Beyond Religion but Humanity

Dr. Yusuf JS: Beyond Religion but Humanity

Dr. Yusuf JS: Beyond Religion but Humanity
Dr. Yusuf JS


Written by Victor Oroyi

Yusuf John  Suberu but prefers Dr. Yusuf JS is emerging prophetic voice from the Nigerian’s capital, Abuja with evidence in all his meeting both locally and internationally. Beyond this evidential prophetic ministry of signs and wonders is a passion for salvation of men into an eternal experience of rest.

At the crux of his prophetic ministry is mandate of breaking the yoke of poverty through the preaching of God’s word during his prophetic and deliverance services in the lives of men. Dr. Yusuf’s distaste for poverty is demonstrated in his daily non-ministerial routine, beyond giving to the less privileged is a deliberate effort to create avenues of mentorship and skills acquisition program.

Over the years, he has been involved in business training for young enterpreneurs as well as giving out grants for start-ups. For this year, plans are on the way to organize a nation-wide youth empowerment summit where instant grants will be given to young start-up with innovative and creative ideas.

His love for education is unparalleled, Dr. Yusuf believes that the best form of poverty allievation is to give education to the people. He has been involved in giving out of scholarship to all categories of students especially the less privileged at different educational levels across the country.

Also, widows are not left out in his philanthropic gesture thus yearly organizes a special event for them. With the rate of insurgent, he has concluded plans to build erect shelters for internally displaced persons and the less privileged across the country with view to see people have roofs over their heads.

Before, coming to full-time ministry, the honourary doctoral degree holder in Philosophy from the Christ Kingdom University, Cameroon started as a photographer moving from one uninvited event to another just to make a living. Despite several efforts to meet his needs, still lives below the poverty line until he encountered God through a guest minister in his former church.

Recalling his experiences, after the guest Minister’s ministration, he called for the congregation to come out with a seed of One Million naira to end the yoke of poverty in their lives. Despite his zeal and love for God, he noticed poverty has dealt with him but desired a change. He stepped out in faith without having the one million naira.

Dr. Yusuf decided to laid down his life savings of N75,000.00 and the only camera he was using at that time on the altar. As dropped it, the guest minister looked at him and said ‘what his he doing’ that made his friends who play instruments laugh at him without a word, he turned back and left but the preacher called him back and said the following words to him.

“Young man, I came to this program because of you and from today, the yoke of poverty is broken in your life”, the preacher prayed and Dr. Yusuf replied in faith, ‘Amen’ and returned to his seat.

Days run into months with no hope in sight in getting another camera, he, however continued in prayers and redoubled his kingdom service to God. Until a day, he heard the voice of God to be at a popular photo studio by 7am in the morning. He obeyed without having the transport fare to the place, a white man walked up to him on reaching there and handed him his complimentary card with an instruction to meet him at 2pm for a program.

Yusuf had another three hours trek to the place. He met the white man who was surprised to see him about an hour to the time quickly showed him what to do for him at the event and never bargained with him for a fee. Dr. Yusuf simply did what he was asked to do and expecting something little to survive. But to his greatest amazement, the white man paid in him pounds, an amount when he exchanged them was beyond his expectations.

All that is history, as he returned back to school to study Political Science at the University of Abuja in the Federal Capital Territory after that major breakthrough from the job.

Despite being a pastor, Dr. Yusuf is an astute businessman with proven track record in oil and gas, real estate and event management. His businesses span beyond the shores of Nigeria with a network of partners. In his meetings, he has oftentimes encouraged pastors like to be involved in businesses that will support the Ministry work.

He has special interest in farming and automobiles, these are included in his line of businesses which he passionately manage with the running of his ministry calling. The eloquent speaker is also a public relations specialist.

Yusuf was born into a Muslim family of Alhaji and Hajia Suberu the last child of his parents in Adavi Local Government Area of Kogi State.
He has his early education to Secondary school level in Ekiti State.

For him, his conversion is strange because he values the things of God even as a Muslim, story has it the way he does his things are strange. Like Apostle Paul, Yusuf strongly worked against christians before taking the call of God upon his life.

Dr. Yusuf totally surrendered to the Lord Jesus Christ during a crusade he followed his friends to attend in the late 1990s when relocated the Abuja. This experience led him to start preaching the gospel and went to a Bible school to deepen his insight and understanding of God’s word. After, the Bible school, the mandate upon his life by God became stronger.

With the Mandate by God, he has been spreading the gospel around the world with a Prophetic Ministry leading to the establishment of Touch for Recovery Outreach International (TROI). A platform, Dr. Yusuf JS has being using to preach across Nations with God confirming His word with signs and wonders. In his meeting, through the power of God, the lame walk, the blind see, and healing of different kinds of affliction across the globe happen.

As a pastor, he is an advocate of humanity above religion, ethnicity and tribe. Individuals should show love beyond boundaries for peaceful co-existence and unity. Without love, religion is vague and empty, he calls bon leaders to guided and rule in the spirit of love for humanity.

Touch for Recovery Outreach International, a Prophetic ministry was brought into existence to create wealth for nations, set free the oppressed, captives and speak power into men and win souls for the Kingdom of God.

According to him, the mandate upon his life is based upon 1Thessalonians 5:24 “The One who called you is Faithful and he will do it”.

Prophetic Brutality as he is commonly known is married and blessed with two children. He has travelled to several countries of the world for the spread of the Good news of Christ and preside over the headquarter of a TROI Abuja Church located in the Nation’s Capital Abuja, Nigeria at Plot 632, Solomon Street, Lokogoma, Abuja.

Dr. Yusuf JS, Touch for Recovery Outreach Int’l TROI

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