ENWAF Takes Advocacy to Schools in Yenagoa

ENWAF Takes Advocacy to Schools in Yenagoa

ENWAF Takes Advocacy to Schools in Yenagoa

The Eunice Nnachi Women Advocacy Foundation, ENWAF in collaboration with other NGOS including the Ministry of Women Affairs has taken the 16 days of Activism aimed at preventing violence against women and girls to various schools in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State.

Chief Executive Officer, CEO of ENWAF Lady Eunice Nnachi while speaking on the theme, Unite, Invest to Prevent Violence against Women and Girls explained that Gender Based Violence is any form of harm or abuse made against an individual based on their gender.

Lady Nnachi noted that there are various forms of violence which includes physical, mental, verbal, emotional and sexual violence which affects women and girls mental and physical health.

” We are creating awareness on the 16 days of Activism for the younger ones to know that this kind of activity exists and also to make them know the negative impact of violence on women and girls, we believe this would help to prevent gender based violence in our society”

She called on the students to desist from using derogatory statements and to be cautious of their actions, while also calling on stakeholders to unite in their determination to invest in preventing violence against women and girls.

“Together, we can create a society where every individual, regardless of gender, can live free from fear and violence.”

“I look forward to your support in making these events successful and impactful.
Together, let us forge a future where empowerment, justice, and dignity prevail,”.

Lady Nnachi reaffirmed that her foundation, Eunice Nnachi Women Advocacy Foundation, ENWAF will continue in its mission to tackle all forms of violence against women and girls, saying her dedication to the cause is firm as she will work tirelessly to create a society where every individual can live free from fear and violence.

She said addressing root causes, fostering awareness, and nurturing a culture of respect where society creates an environment where women and girls thrive without the shadow of violence, is the key to eradicating the scourge of violence, emphasizing that fighting GBV is not a journey for one person, but a collective movement.

Also speaking, a Director in the Ministry of Women Children Affairs, Empowerment and Social Development, Mrs Felicia Yabrifa urged women to always speak up and seek help when facing any form of violence.

Mrs Yabrifa stressed on the need to mitigate and end gender-based violence against women and girls, adding that this year’s global campaign is not just a slogan; but a powerful call to action.

According to her ” the theme resonates with urgency and purpose: “UNITE! Invest to Prevent Violence Against Women and Girls,” which is a rallying cry for collective efforts to break the cycle of violence and build a safer world for all”.

Representative of the 90Gales, Mrs Elizabeth Ouserigha-Usen noted that violence affects the mental health of the victim which can lead to depression, anxiety and withdrawal from society hence boys should protect the girls around them.

Mrs Ouserigha-usen emphasized that going by the theme, in unity, society can find strength irrespective of borders or background to create a world where the rights of women and girls are respected and protected, whose collective voice will force change.

The NGOs promised to do more to ensure that cases of GBV are not only addressed but effectively mitigated, fostering a safer and more secure environment for women and girls.

The schools visited were Government Technical Science College, Swali and Government Technical Science College, Okaka, just as sanitary pads, toiletries and exercise books were distributed to the students.

Members of ENWAF in attendance were, Madam Oby, Mrs Ebizimo Agedah, Secretary, Mrs Aqua Douye-Akpuruku, PRO, Seth Ogheneovo, Ochuko.

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