EU Affirms Commitment for Full Enjoyment of Human Rights of Women, Girls

EU Affirms Commitment for Full Enjoyment of Human Rights of Women, Girls

EU Affirms Commitment for Full Enjoyment of Human Rights of Women, Girls
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The European Union, EU has affirmed its commitment for the full enjoyment of human rights of women and girls through the intensified engagement as a global major player.

In a statement released in commemoration of the Human Rights day, the EU said its engagement as a global player has resulted in important achievements at the Human Rights Council and the UN General Assembly in 2019.

According to the statement, human rights defenders are taking to the streets to demand respect for the rights, civil, political economic, social and cultural adding that young person I particular have been more and more active in standing up for their rights and their future.

The statement noted that in the changing global landscape, the European Union remains the strongest supporter of the multilateral systems noting that it is a pillar of the promotion of human rights which the EU will reinforce through its long-standing commitment.

The body explained that it contributed to moving forward of the Child Rights and Freedom of Religion or Belief explaining that it created consensus around problematic human rights situation in various countries especially Myammar and Syria.

It restated its commitment to continue to partner with civil society, human rights defenders, academia, private sector and many others to advance on the human rights agenda with the particular hosting of the EU-NGO forum in Brussels on 3 and 4 December.

According to the EU, the gathering in Brussels witnessed the participation of around 200 civil society activists and human rights defenders which explored the role of European Union in advancing a fair environmental future and gave recommendations o possible targeted actions adding that land and natural resources management is one of the critical challenges facing the world.

The global body added that it recognizes the importance of the work of human rights defenders often in the face of great adversity and personal cost and calls on all partners to allow human rights defenders to work in a safe and enabling environment free from obstruction and insecurity.

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