Eviction Votes: Nengi Says Praise was more of a threat #BBNaija

Eviction Votes: Nengi Says Praise was more of a threat #BBNaija

Eviction Votes: Nengi Says Praise was more of a threat #BBNaija

The day after the Housemates played a part in Voting, they tell us why they made their decisions during a diary session after the eviction.

As we all expected, the double-whammy from last night left our housemates a little shook, so today when Biggie called the Housemates into the Diary Room we knew to expect a mixed bag of personalities.

Lilo and Eric Were Not Connecting with Other Housemates, Says Lucy

Lucy started off our diary session today admitting that she missed Ka3na a lot. She admitted that she voted for Lilo and Eric, because she could not vote for Praise and Ka3na. After she cried because she feels lonely, Biggie encouraged her to develop new skills that will allow her to adapt, as a way of changing herself, rather than changing everyone else.

A very suave and grateful Prince voted for Lilo and Eric as he felt they were not really playing the game and were more here for each other. Similarly, Dora also voted for the couple to leave the house,  following her heart in voting for Praise and Ka3na to stay because she was closer to the two of them. Erica also voted for the couple because they did not interact enough with the people in the house.

Praise is a threat, Says Trikytee, Wathoni, Nengi

Nengi voted for Ka3na and Praise mostly because she did not get off to a good start with the former, and strategically voted the latter off as she felt he was too much of a threat. Trikytee shared similar sentiments, voting for Ka3na because she seemed ready to leave, and Praise because he sees him as a threat. Wathoni voted for Ka3na for the same reasons, but here is a twist: she says she doesn’t understand Praise and this was reason enough to vote him out. The all-round nice guy seems to be the target of many of his Housemates.

Brighto Says Eric was a Threat to him

As we continue with those who voted Ka3ina out because of her attitude, Laycon voted for Eric, saying Eric because he did not want Lilo to leave, and Eric was unavailable because of his relationship. Although she misses Lilo, Vee voted for her to be Evicted from the House, believing that Lilo’s focus is elsewhere. Brighto feels like Eric was a threat to him, and that earned his vote.

Many of the guys voted the ladies off because they feel more connected to the guys. The members of this bromance include OzoKiddwayaNeo and Tochi.

Kaisha had another story to tell, her feeling is that Ka3na has so much going for her, she really did not need the house, whereas Lilo was just a random option.

In case you were curious, Eric said he would have voted for Ka3na if he had the opportunity, and Praise would have voted for Lucy.

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