Hilarity Grace Foundation Holds 1000 Pads to the Streets Campaign in Yenagoa

Hilarity Grace Foundation Holds 1000 Pads to the Streets Campaign in Yenagoa

Hilarity Grace Foundation Holds 1000 Pads to the Streets Campaign in Yenagoa

The distribution of pads to the girls on the streets, an annual campaign hosted by the Hilarity Grace Foundation is set to hold December 14, 2023 in Yenagoa, the Bayelsa State capital.

This year, the Hilarity Grace Foundation will be partnering with Eunice Nnachi Women Advocacy Foundation, ENWAF, and other development partners such as RYG, ZAL Group, and FAMCAT Modelling Agency to take 1000 Pads to the Streets campaign for our children.

Convener of the Campaign, Francis Ukpevie said the event has been on the streets for six years with a focus on reducing Period-Poverty by providing free and accessible pads to underprivileged children, aiming to empower and support them in their educational journey alongside other initiatives.

” We are passionately tackling period poverty. Through this compassionate initiative, the foundation aims to break down barriers and contribute to ending the pervasive issue of period poverty”

The Eunice Nnachi Women Advocacy Foundation is also a Nongovernmental Organization aimed at supporting any cause or action that would improve the lives of women and girls in society.

Chief Executive Officer of ENWAF, Lady Eunice Nnachi pointed out that when women and girls have access to safe and affordable sanitary materials, they decrease their risk of infection.

ENWAF seeks to promote gender equality and empowerment for women through the innovation of gender-based development initiatives and to carry out development campaigns for the welfare of women and girls.

Lady Nnachi urged women and girls to see menstruation as a normal biological process hence they should feel free to talk about their experience and seek help during menstrual cramps.

“We believe that this campaign “1000 Pads to the Streets” is an advocacy for menstrual hygiene, to promote adolescent health and total well-being of our children through the donation of sanitary pads and other hygiene care products for those who cannot afford them.”

The campaign for the distribution of the sanitary pads will take place on Thursday 14th December 2023 at the Swali Ultramodern Market from 10 am-12 noon.

We hope to create an atmosphere for women and girls to manage menstruation safely and hygienically.

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