Jerry Eze 14 Days Fasting and Prayer 4 July 2023 – Pray Against Evil Emergency

Jerry Eze 14 Days Fasting and Prayer 4 July 2023 - Pray Against Evil Emergency

Jerry Eze 14 Days Fasting and Prayer 4 July 2023 – Pray Against Evil Emergency

We go again for Day 2!!! Today we pray against Evil Emergency/Obituary in the Second Half (1 Samuel 30:1-20, Exodus 12:12-36, John 11:1-45)

Read/Study/Meditate on the scriptures as well as make these prayers and declarations with us.


1) As my Greater arrives, I will not be absent on that day of celebration and congratulations! I will dance my dance, I will shout my shout! Hallelujah!

2) My Family members and I are candidates of the covenant of Life! Whatsoever is from our foundation crying for blood in this second half of the year, by the power that raised Jesus from the dead, break! (1 Corinthians 15:54)

3) I bear upon my health, finances, business/career/ministry the mark of Christ therefore no man shall trouble me! As my GREATER arrives, Powers of Hell that shall arise to steal, kill or destroy, break! (Galatians 6:17)

4) The Power of the Grave is destroyed: Any Mark of Death upon any member of my Family is wiped away by Fire!!! July-December, nobody will gather to tell me sorry! (Hosea 13:14, Ezekiel 37:12-13)

5) Over my family, The Blood of Jesus speaks DIVINE EXEMPTION! This July, we know no pain, shame or disaster, when others say there is a casting down, we declare a lifting up! (Hebrews 12:24)

6) Thank you father for you have heard me! Thank you father for as you are in heaven, so am I on earth! Thank you Father because I will not bury and I will not be buried! By your resurrection power at work in me, I command every dead thing in and around me to come back to life! (John 11:1-45)

7) I am a Kingdom Giant! My dreams/vision/potentials/capabilities will not be buried! Just as Jesus said to Lazarus, I command the Giant in me to come forth! Whatever has laid dormant on my inside, no matter how long, this July, let it burst out by Fire! (John 11:43)

8) God is for me, He is with me! He fights for me! Therefore What I am afraid of will not happen! Every arrow of Bad news projected in my direction, let it be reversed! Before it arrives let it become Goodnews! Amen! (Proverb 3:25-26)

9) From July till the end of 2023, I draw a line: THIS FAR, NO FURTHER! The last evil emergency that happened is the last that will ever happen! Any hand that shall arise against me, wither by Fire! Any voice, shut up by Fire! Every policy/system, break!!!! (Matthew 16:19)

10) July, I come in the Name of The Lord! Every satanic mystery sponsoring evil emergencies, negative patterns and cycles, be exposed by Fire! Every attack stops in July, I will not fight again in July! (2 Corinthians 2:11)

11) This July, if calamity is happening at the back, my family members and I shall be in front, If disaster breaks out in front, we shall be behind! Our feet will not lead us to the place of our destruction! A thousand shall fall by our right, ten thousand at our left but it shall not come near us! Amen! (Psalm 91)

See you on the Altar of Fire by 7am… What God Cannot Do Does Not Exist!!!

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