#LockdownThoughts: Again, I ask, where are the running taps?

#LockdownThoughts: Again, I ask, where are the running taps?

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By Victor Oroyi

Covid-19 has exposed the insincerity of purpose by leaders in office towards the masses that elected them into office. Often, they clamour for these offices for their personal interest not for the good for those they hold the office in trust.

Trust in leadership has been bastardized and betrayed. They came into office in trust to actualize the mandate of the people but years after the trust has flown in mistrust and distrust in the pockets of these leaders.

Should a people beg for running tap? Where do we get running tap?

Priorities are sublimed to mere joke while jokes are turned to be priorities. Now, we are begging for running taps to stay safe. What were their priorities, now, we know better.

Over 100 million Nigerian live below the poverty line, I intend to use this figure since President Buhari used it in his inauguration speech on his second coming. But we know the truth. Where will these masses get running tap to keep themselves safe?

Today, we are told to maintain personal hygiene to contain the spread of the virus. Especially, washing our hands with soap under a running tap for at least 20 seconds. Ordinarily, we need not to complain but the fact that running tap is a scarce commodity in our clime.

Our public facility is in a comatose especially water, which is a basic need for man’s survival on earth. Ironically, water everywhere, none to drink and for domestic use.

It is not perculiar to one ethnic or political zone but a general issue in Nigeria. Leaders at all levels are never mindful to pay attention to this basic need of man.

Communities, streets and highly populated areas where the majority leave is a trade route for water vendor without running tap. Year in and out, budgetary provision are made for rural water projects with associated agencies and committees but nobody can explain where the projects are implemented.

Again, I ask, where are the running tap?

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