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Music is my safe place, where I can be myself, Says JayJay, Abuja-based music producer

Music is my safe place, where I can be myself, Says JayJay, Abuja-based music producer


Music is my safe place, where I can be myself, Says JayJay, Abuja-based music producer
JayJay Ondbeat


Nomisa Joseph aka Jayjay ondbeat, Lead producer with H20 Records, an Abuja-based recording studio with a special focus on discovering and developing young talents in music through its yearly flagship musical concert (Sing Abuja). In this interview with Victor Oroyi, he speaks on his new single Igwe and how he started off his musical career. Excerpts

When did you start music?

I came from a music oriented family; This had a great influence on me and I started playing the drums at age 11 while in the children section of the Living Faith Church, Jos, Plateau State. My love for music grew from that point and I started trying my fingers on the keyboard and guiter.

What gives you the inspiration whenever you are behind the buttons of your console to produce a piece?

I cannot really say for certain where or how I get the inspiration to produce songs, but a quiet environment works magic for me during production.

Music is my safe place, where I can be myself, Says JayJay, Abuja-based music producer
JayJay Ondbeat

How long have you been in the music scene?

As I said earlier, I was born into a music oriented family; My elder brothers and sisters were all into music: we have producers, singers, drummers, bass gutarist in the family. So being the last child, I had my first training in music from family members. Everyone was willing to teach me and I was eager to learn. I learnt the basics of music and musical production from them and before long, I was singing and playing along with them. Professional music for me started 12 years ago. Since then, I have been producing songs with my record label (H20 Records) and hopefully, will be signing up and managing artists very soon.

Your recent single with Prospa is off the hook, how did you come out with this great piece?

Igwe featuring Prospa Ochimana and Chris Ade came from a place of worship. I was on the keyboard a particular day and I started singing the chorus; I made the sountrack, then I thought of Prospa and Chris Ade, spoke to them about the song, they came over to listen to it and boom! We recorded the song.

Music means a lot of things to different people, what does music mean to you?

Music is a life style to me, it is my safe place; a place where I can be myself at any time.

Nigerian music has been criticized to be full of uneducative content. Do you agree with this assertion and what’s your take?

What you consider uneducative piece might be someone else’s highest point of enlightenment. There is always a message in every song, for some people the message is the beat, for some it is the lyrics and for others the arrangement of the song. Whatever it is, the message would reach the people it was intended for.

How can music create job opportunities for young creative talents in Nigeria?

Music can create job opportuniies for young talents when they learn to start little. Most artists wants to blow or wants a record label to invest in them, but do they have what the record label needs? Do you keep to time? Are you disciplined? These are qualties lacking in the present crop of music artists.

The heart of any music career is the music itself. So what do you have? Afterall, the music is what binds the musician to the fans, this connection in turn can make or break the musician.
You can get cash via middle manship in music: (I give you two artists, you record one song for me at no cost). Don’t depend on music to feed you when you are starting, give out your contents for free… Free music = new fans. New fans will reach out to you via social media. More free music, more fans sharing your song; then get a manager to help you negotiate better deals.

Music is my safe place, where I can be myself, Says JayJay, Abuja-based music producer
JayJay Ondbeat

JayJayondbeat is what people call you, what is your name.

My name is Nomisa Joseph but I only remember my full name when it appears on my bank alert. Jayjayondbeat is what i go by, but i am fondly called Jay Jay by close friends. You can follow me on social media @Jayjayondbeat and on WhatsApp 08035382841.

Find and download songs produced by Jayjayondbeat for your listening pleasure this weekend.


Music: Xanda – One Day | [MP3 DOWNLOAD]



Download Music: Sammy El – Olu Orun | @isammy_el (Prod. Jayjayondbeat)




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