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PDP Chieftain Cautions Opposition Against Heating Up the Polity, says No Vacancy in Creek Haven

PDP Chieftain Cautions Opposition Against Heating Up the Polity, says No Vacancy in Creek Haven

PDP Chieftain Cautions Opposition Against Heating Up the Polity, says No Vacancy in Creek Haven
Jonathan Obuebite

The immediate past Commissioner of Education and Chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP) Hon. (Dr.) Jonathan Obuebite has called on the members of the opposition parties in the state to explore all the avenues provided by the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Electoral Act 2003 as amended on Election matter rather than engaging in the spread of falsehood and politics of bitterness.

Dr. Obuebite who maintained that Senators Douye Diri and Lawrence Ewrhujakpor would complete their two tenures of eight years in office as Governor and Deputy Governor like their predecessors, told political gladiators to wait till February 14, 2028.

He submitted that no amount of blackmail and falsehood could derail the progressive train of the Prosperity administration.

Hon. Obuebite said it was sad to note that members of the opposition parties in the state rather than accepting what fate has handed over to them and work with the Government to keep Bayelsans safe in this devastating Covid 19 Pandemic period are still nursing the injury of the Supreme Court ruling, three months after.

The former lawmaker stated that the position of the law is very clear on election matters, arguing that aggrieved candidates are availed the opportunity to go to the Tribunal to seek justice rather than engaging in any act that is inimical to the peaceful coexistence of the people in the state.

He warned that the act of commenting on a matter before a competent court is tantamount to subjudice which is punishable under the law.

He, therefore, called on the members of the opposition parties in the State to desist from such act or incur the wrath of the law.

Hon. Obuebite said what supposed to be of paramount concern to all and sundry now is the fight against the ravaging Corona Virus and the development of the state that the present administration is championing not parochial interests of the disgruntled few.

According to him, it is high time we put aside our individual interests and work for the collective interests of the state.

The present administration is building on the progressive foundation laid by the immediate past administration of former Governor Henry Seriake Dickson. All that is required of us is to put aside our political differences and see ourselves, first and foremost as Bayelsans.

We don’t have any other state that we can call our own. If we want to play politics, we should wait till 2028 when Senators Douye Diri and Lawrence Ewrhujakpor would have completed their two tenures of office as Governor and Deputy Governor respectively. God is a perfectionist and that when he starts a thing he will surely complete it.*

Hon. Obuebite said the antics of the opposition parties and some disgruntled leaders trying to cause disaffection between the Executive and legislative arms of government with the rumoured baseless and false impeachment plan of Senator Ewhrudjakpo is anti democratic and unacceptable. Showing that they are not happy with the sweet and cordial relationship of the the friend and brothers from another mother.

The two term lawmaker said there was no iota of truth in the rumour making the round of the plot to impeach the Deputy Governor by the State House of Assembly.

He described it as one of the many lies of the opposition and some disgruntled elements in the state.

As a former lawmaker, I can authoritatively tell you that there is nothing like that. The Executive arm is enjoying good working relationship with the legislative arm of government, led by a very humble, dedicated and committed leadership of Rt. Hon. Abraham Ingobere.

Everybody in the state knows the characteristics of the opposition in the state which include falsehood, ballot snatching, political violence and brigandage.

It will be recalled that some months back, the opposition went to town with their tale of woes on the review of Supreme Court verdict before they eventually met their Waterloo.

They engaged the services of some online bloggers to spread their falsehood. The good people of Bayelsa state are familiar with their antics.

However, I am calling on the people of the state to rally round the Prosperity administration of Senators Douye Diri and Lawrence Ewrhujakpor at ensuring the delivery of the dividend of democracy.

It is on record that Bayelsa state through pro activeness of Senator Douye Diri remains one of the few states in the Country with lower record of Covid-19 victims.

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