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Success – Many Failed Attempts [Poem]

Success... Many Failed Attempted [Poem]
Street Trading Photo by Victor Oroyi

Success – Many Failed Attempts [Poem]

A poem written by Victor Oroyi from the collection of ‘hope Against Hope, Face It‘. The poem, Success – Many failed Attempts  seeks to encourage young persons.


Shallow water for small minds.
Deep water for big minds.
Valleys are for children.
Great heights are men.

Champions never get tired of failing!
Success is a cumulation of
many failed attempts…!

Let them not decide your fate
For they have their mistakes and failures.
Yes, they do…

Believe me they do…
Created imperfect
Born on different days.

It is a plot to cause depression
Leading to dejection;
Without waste of time
You deteriorate
Because you accepted
Their views.

But they never
Told you their true story

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