World News

World News publishes today latest news around the globe from United States of America, United Kingdom, Europe, China, Dubai, South Africa to Middle East. It focuses on international diplomacy, migration, boundary, and visa policy of US and European countries.

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This category focuses on today news around the world as well as it concerns diplomatic issues and visa policy. The United States of America, US will feature prominently. The policies of President Joe Biden and Vice President Harris as well as other top officials of the US government.

The US relation with Africa and Middle East.

Today News from African countries and their relationship with African Union, Economic Community of West Africa State, ECOWAS, and other regional blocs shall be published. Countries like Ghana, South Africa, Mali, Egypt, Cameroon, Benin, Ethiopia and Kenya.

Content from Dubai and Emirates shall be featured issues on their culture, relationship with the rest of the world, governance, international cooperation, aids to other countries.

China’s relationship with Africa. China and the rest of the rest of the world. China’s advancement in leadership, governance and development. News from China on their culture and tradition will be published.

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