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15 Funny Christmas Wishes to Send Friends and Well-Wishers

15 Funny Christmas Wishes to Send Friends and Well-Wishers

15 Funny Christmas Wishes to Send Friends and Well-Wishers

This is the season of sharing love and togetherness, despite distances and time, we share here 15 funny wishes for this christmas to send to friends and well-wishers who are not around you.

  1. “Wishing you a white Christmas! (And when you run out of white, just open a bottle of red).”

2. “You’re a gift in my life. And not the kind I’d return for store credit. Merry Christmas!”

3. “A Christmas reminder: Don’t try to borrow any money from elves … they’re always a little short! Have a Merry Christmas!”

4. “Wishing you hope, peace and lots of Christmas cookies this holiday season!”

5. “They say the best Christmas gifts come from the heart … but cash and gift cards do wonders too! Happy Holidays!”

6. “Remember, Santa is watching. Everything. Yes, even that. Anyway, Merry Christmas!”

7. “Merry Christmas! May your happiness be large and your bills be small.”

8. “This holiday season, let’s make it a point to cherish what’s truly important in our lives: cookies.”

9. “I told Santa you were good this year and sent him a link to your Pinterest board. Merry Christmas to you!”

10. “This Christmas, may your family be functional and all your batteries be included.”

11. “Merry Christmas! I put so much thought into your gift that now it’s too late to get it.”

12. “Please note: Christmas is canceled. Apparently, you told Santa you have been good this year … he died laughing.”

13. “Is it just me, or does Santa look younger every year?”

14. “Christmas is mostly for children. But we adults can enjoy it too, until the credit card bills arrive.”

15. “Eat. Drink. Be Merry. Have a wonderful Christmas!”

Share love this season, no matter what the case is, just find some form of happiness and glad tidings to share with friends especially using this 15 funny wishes this christmas for friends and colleagues.

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