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Destitute Delusion [A Poem]

Destitute Delusion [A Poem]


Destitute Delusion [A Poem]
Bed Space on a mountain [Photo Credit: Victor Oroyi]

Written by Victor Oroyi

Destitute delusion
In the fringes of outer space
Contemplating thought(s)
Painted in imaginary imagery

Cloudless, yet cloudful
Colourless, yet colourful
Costless, yet costful
Chaos, yet calm

War against realism
In the fantasy of lifeless realms
War against existentialism
In the abstractness of reality

Reality is reality
Today not yesterday
Leave tomorrow
Not in the fringes of outer space
But in realism of existentialism

There are no destitutes
But a product of bourgeois
Bandwagon of slave drivers
Cankerworms of conflicts

Not living in delusion
Creating the images
For a futuristic existence
That’s their consolation

(c) March 2020

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