Domestic Violence has eaten into the fabric of Society, Says Face of Bayelsa 2020, Queen Ghandi

Domestic Violence has eaten into the fabric of Society, Says Face of Bayelsa 2020, Queen Ghandi

Domestic Violence has eaten into the fabric of Society, Says Face of Bayelsa 2020, Queen Ghandi
Queen Ghandi

In this exclusive interview, the newly crown Face of Bayelsa 2020, Queen Biobelemoye Ghandi speaks with our correspondent, JONAH DIM-OBA on her pet project and the need to discourage domestic violence in society. Excerpts.

How do you feel emerging 1st Running up?

I feel lifted and delighted, that it’s not only a crown title, but a responsibility which a crown gives and I’m going to make sure I make impacts in lives of young girls just as a mother successfully instils good qualities in her child.

Share your experience with us during your camp in Miss Bayelsa 2019?

Well, the Miss Bayelsa 2019 camp was really a pleasant camp to start with. The rigorous exercise we did and had to go through even made me stronger. I learnt really a whole lot from it and that boosted my mental capacity the most. I learnt how to take good decisions and work towards achieving them by the grace of God.

Since you didn’t emerge as the Miss Bayelsa, do you intend to carry out any project?

I intend to carry out ‘ a back to school project ‘. With this project I’ll be able to touch the life of any girl child I come in contact with, letting them know that you having a child doesn’t stop you from continuing your education. Education is the greatest Legacy, we can give to the girl-child.

Can we know you better?

Well I’m Biobelemoye Ghandi from Egwe-ama in Bayelsa state. I am a 200 level student of Niger Delta University, studying Medical Laboratory Science. I am the last child out of 7 children. I am 19years old. I believe solely in Education and see the need to which a girl child needs Education.

What are the challenges facing the Ijaw girl?

The scourge of domestic violence has eaten deep into the fabrics of our society. The Ijaw girl child faces challenges like: Gender discrimination, early marriage, Sexual abuse, Female mutilation and Gender-based labour division.

What is your take about some person’s ideology who says that Beauty Queens are prostitutes?

Wow!! This is indeed an ideology that most persons have put up. Well to an extent most beauty put up the act which makes them feel that way about beauty queens.  The crown comes with so much responsibility as it not only a title but a way in which to show potentials and improve lives.  But on the other hand I can’t totally agree on the ideology or the notion which this person’s go by.

I think they still need to reconsider the other beauty queens that are out there who don’t necessarily need to spread their legs open before they get to do what they want to do. Everything boils down to dignity and self-respect.



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