He Made Me a Graduate

He Made Me a Graduate

He Made Me a Graduate


Let me simply say thank you _*Barr. Chiedu Joseph Ugbo*_ for your unflinching love and limitless support throughout my University Education (Diploma/Degree).

Opening my notepad to write you this piece, I have struggled about what should be the title. I thought i should say ‘EDUCATION’ or ‘LOVE’ as an attempt to unravel the phenomenal you have become yet I may not do enough because those that have defined ‘EDUCATION’ & ‘LOVE’ without your perspective might have committed intellectual sucide. And if I say ‘DESTINY HELPER’, I would only end up making this about me but of course it’s beyond me, for your selflessness have an impressive broad base and reach.

I am prodigiously glad to appreciate you publicly in continuous celebration of your selflessness, you are a man for whom I’ve come to have great admiration especially seeing the balance you bring to my initial hopeless life. It’s impressive and a privilege really to have you as an uncle anyone could ever wished for.

You were not only a pillar of support to my education, you made it your personal project, you took a special interest in me and made my education your priority despite my lackadaisical attitude, my stubbornness and somewhat, you still say Bobby, I love you and want the best for you, you advised me like a father will do to his child, you not only gave me education, you clothed me, fed me, housed me and virtually gave me monthly upkeep that Is enough for a family of five (5) to survive on yet you were always ready to do even more. While recounting the story of my life you will always have a special page in honor of your person & personality.

I am very much proud of you and the privilege to call you a father, uncle and mentor in that exact order of hierarchy.

I always promise to make you proud sir, of which am doing my best never to involve in any societal/social vices, I will continue to live my life in service for humanity just like you, you gave me hope while all hope was lost, you lifted me above my equals and narrowing the extremity of hocus pocus in my life.

I have grown in thoughts and actions, had my resilience tested against the most arduous odds yet I have experienced stood firm by my primary principles so much that even my lowest moments have left me unbeaten. Undefeated, courtesy, *Barr. Chiedu Joseph Ugbo.*

I must mention that indeed Barr. Chiedu is key especially, the loving and doting kind who is like God’s little reminder of love and affection. I’d like therefore, to take this moment to say a big thank you to my father, mentor and uncle from whom I’ve picked confidence, found acceptance and built my morale overtime.

I may not be able to say enough about you but certainly i Know you are very honest, selfless, blunt, peace loving and man that honors his words and your love for education is top notch. Yes, you are very passionate, you are a giver and my champion.

Most times words are not enough to capture the depth of appreciation one has. I do hope nonetheless, that you understand you are a father, mentor, and uncle to me. I deeply and truly appreciate your efforts so far and I have come to greatly admire your tenacity and perseverance in pursuit of what best for the Vulnerable people like me.

I appreciate you happily and wish you even greater success ahead. May your life continue to be blessed by God and Man and continually give you the wisdom to benefit this country.

May your well of wisdom never run dry, may your strength never fail you.

I wish you nothing short of heavens blessings as you have made me useful to my remote community, Imagine me(Nixon) is a newspaper publisher (PRIMEREPORTERS), Youth Development Advocate, Writer, Orator & politician today, without your support and love everlasting I wouldn’t have attained this little height in my present life. God is indeed wonderful as such live longer for man and country.

You one of those few individuals of a true impacted in me purposefully and have your name written in the history books and sound of time. I will forever remain indebted to you, I pledge my loyalty in colossal and continuous respect for your person & personality and all that you represents.

I have been up the hill and back, through the valley and back and today I am a University Graduate with a Second Class Hons. (Upper Division) from the Prestigious University Of Abuja, I was the Former DSUG President 2015/2016 and a vibrant stakeholder of the National Association Of Nigeria Students (NANS).

Sir, I wish to proudly say, my 7yrs in the University wasn’t a waste of time neither waste of your resources and efforts as such God bless you immediately.

_*Nixon Chukwuka Odimbu -Realist*_
_Youth Development Advocate|Public Interest Journalist|Writer|Politician_

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