Ize & Onize Group: A Solution to Your Needs at Anytime, Anywhere

Ize & Onize Group: A Solution to Your Needs at Anytime, Anywhere

Ize & Onize Group: A Solution to Your Needs at Anytime, Anywhere



Ize & Onize Group of Companies Limited is focused on building sustainable business brands across the globe. As a business, we provide solutions for our immediate environment, future needs and for the rest of the world. Our products and services are people-oriented meeting the basic daily needs of society with affordable prize.

Ize & Onize Group of Companies Limited was registered in 2011. We have not failed in our delivery of quality, excellence and innovative services to our diverse clientele. We strive to surpass the expectations of our clients in product design, packaging and quality control techniques.

Today, Ize & Onize Group has offices across Nigeria, West Africa, Dubai and Europe manned by seasoned professionals with a high turnover yearly. Our corporate headquarters is located in Abuja, Nigeria with regional offices in specific countries.

Our vision ‘To be your Solution’ is our driving force; it compels us to be ahead of our clients’ need. We are structured to find solutions to any form of human need before its actual manifestation thus making us a leading brand in the commodity market anyone can trust.

Mission Statement:
As an offshoot of our vision, we anchor our mission statement to raise a high standard of service delivery to make the world a better place. Our innovative and creative products are designed with the highest industrial standard with global competitiveness in delivery and prizing.

Our organization don’t compromise in producing high standard products despite the growing demands, competition and pricing from industry players. Our policy on high standard products, quality service delivery and competitive pricing keeps us on the lead.

Core Value:
As earlier stated, we are concern with excellence, innovation and quality products as our guiding philosophy. Therefore, our companies core values span around you – clients, distributors, staff and inventors – to give you maximum satisfaction in the distribution chain. To sum it up in a word is RESPECT.

RESPECT is the code of our core value. We respect our client and we respect humanity. RESPECT here means:

R – Responsibility, we take responsibility for your problem and find lasting solution to it.

E – Excellence, we take pride in excellence in our daily routine, production of our products and rendering services.

S – Superiority, we are superior in the quality of our products and services you need.

P – Posterity, we don’t serve you for today but to leave a lasting impression for a wholesome relationship.

E – Enterprising, for us in Ize & Onize Group, the quality of products and services are essential part of us, we undertake difficult task and create new ideas to solve your problems.

C – Competence, our capacity in delivering quality, innovative and creative products and services is the hallmark of our sustainability plan in business.

T – Thoroughness, we are poised to deliver our products and services in a thorough manner that will be presentable and can stand the test of time.

Strategic Areas of Operation:
Our chain of businesses span from agriculture to manufacturing, general construction, oil and gas industry, real estate, entertainment and event management. Our underlining interest in these businesses is to become a one stop shop to our clients both wholesale and retailing lines.

In agriculture, Ize & Onize Group has acquired a large hectare of land around the country to develop modern farms with the latest technological equipment to engage in commercial farming. The farm come in both crop and livestock farming each complimenting the other in robust manner. Our main focus is to become active players in the food supply chain and ensure food security in our area of operation.

Our verse interest in general construction, manufacturing, real estate as well as in the oil and gas sector is bridging the gap between the masses and affordability. It is no news that at the moment the high cost of residential buildings is out of reach for both middle and low class earners; bearing this in mind, we have developed models to address these industry issues.

While our business in event management, entertainment and tourism we seek to discover, develop and empower young creative talents to maximize their potentials. Tourism and entertainment are key sector for economic growth that can engage a broad-spectrum of youths. We have a world class and state-of-the-art equipment for events, studio and musical recording, movie production and live shows.

For the love of education, the Ize & Onize Group of Companies Limited has established schools to train young minds to world changers and pacesetters in their chosen careers and academic pursuit. Our school system is modelled to build creative and innovative minds with emphasis on solution literacy – a reset of the mindset of young minds to be driven by the passion of solution providers. Our ICT facilities and compliance is topnotch for ease learning by our learners.

About the CEO
Dr. Yusuf JS is Chief Executive Officer of Ize & Onize Group of Companies Limited. A Political Science graduate from University of Abuja in the Federal Capital Territory but with a great interest in Business. He had his early education to secondary school level in Ekiti State.

Due to his uncommon leadership qualities in Ministry and business, he was awarded an Honourary Doctoral Degree holder in Philosophy from the Christ Kingdom University, Cameroon. Over the years, he has been involved in business training for young enterpreneurs as well as giving out grants for start-ups.

Despite being the Senior Pastor of the Touch for Recovery Outreach International, TROI in Abuja, Dr. Yusuf is an astute businessman with proven track record in oil and gas, real estate and event management. His businesses span beyond the shores of Nigeria with a network of partners. He has special interest in farming and automobiles, these are included in his line of businesses which he passionately manage with the running of his ministry calling. The eloquent speaker is also a public relations specialist.

Yusuf was born into a Muslim family of Alhaji and Hajia Suberu the last child of his parents in Adavi Local Government Area of Kogi State. Today, he is married and blessed with two beautiful children.

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