Jerry Eze 14 Days Midyear Fasting NSPPD 3 July 2023 – Day 1

Jerry Eze 14 Days Midyear Fasting NSPPD 3 July 2023 - Day 1

Jerry Eze 14 Days Midyear Fasting NSPPD 3 July 2023 – Day 1 Glory, Power & Fire

Happy New week and Welcome to DAY 1 of our MIDYEAR FAST (New month Prayers – Haggai 2:1-9, Habakkuk 3:2, Matthew 25:1-13) with Pastor Jerry Eze for 14 days fasting and prayer today Monday 3 July 2023 on NSPPD altar with the theme Glory, Power & Fire.

Read, Study and meditate on these scriptures, make these Declarations and prayers over the month of July with us.. July: GREATER THAN THE FORMER! 7x

1) I declare all round Growth, increase and expansion! I will not be called small, my little will be called much! I move upward, I go forward! This is a new season and God is making a name for himself in my life! (Haggai 1:9, Isaiah 60:22)

2) I decree and declare : IT WILL BE COMPLETE IN JULY! Whatever the previous months have gathered, it will be finished in July. (2 Chronicles 31:7, John 16:24)

3) I am a candidate of Mercy! By New Mercies of God over the month of July, There will be no crossover of negativity, shame, rising and falling! This July, Whatever that looks like a BUT in my life, the Lord is reversing by Mercy! (Lam 2:22-23)

4) All through the month of July till December, I refuse to walk in blindness! I discern times and seasons, I am full of understanding, revelation, insights and uncommon ideas! (Ephesians 1:18)

5) I AM NOT AFRAID!!! I am a partaker of the covenant of a blessed Future! From July up until the end of 2023, All things are working together for my Good! (2 Timothy 1:7, Romans 8:28)

6) Lord This July, as you revive your works in my family/business/career/ministry, places where I can’t get to, let angels enter, let angels work for me and deliver my evidence! (Habakuk 3:2, Hebrews 1:14)

7) I am a Burning and Shining Light! I was born to burn, born to Shine! July is The beginning of consistency in my walk with God! Ashes are being removed from my altar, I receive capacity to be more for God! (Leviticus 6:13, Luke 12:49)

8) I am Kingdom and July is an anniversary of my Glorious Emergence! I Emerge out of the volumes that have been written about me! (Hebrews 10:7)

9) Whatever I sought answers over and never got, I receive the answers this July! I command the elements of life and nature to align for my evidence and results! (Luke 5:1-7, Revelation 12:16)

10) This July, I will be called by a new name! Nothing will go wrong! I redeem all the days with the blood of Jesus! What the Devil meant for evil, I am harvesting joy out of it! (Isaiah 62:1, Ephesians 5:16)

See you on the NSPPD Altar of Fire by 7am… What God Cannot Do Does Not Exist!

Thank you for joining the Jerry Eze 14 Days Midyear Fasting NSPPD 3 July 2023 – Day 1.

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