Matthew 6:11 for Daily Bible Verse for Today | 18 March 2024

Matthew 6:11 for Daily Bible Verse for Today | 18 March 2024

Matthew 6:11 for Daily Bible Verse for Today | 18 March 2024

Today is Monday 18 March 2024 from Matthew 6:11 for daily bible verse for today titled Our Daily BreadThis message shall be a blessing to your life.


Daily Bible Bible Verse for Today | Matthew 6:11

Give us this day our daily bread.

INSIGHT | Matthew 6:11 for Daily Bible Verse for Today

‘Wake up, wake up, it’s morning’, mama shouted at them that Saturday morning. She led the morning prayers with her three children.

She made them repeatedly chorus Matthew 6:11, ‘Give us this day our daily bread’, but the elderest child did grumblingly. She didn’t care but smiled at him, each time he comes out with his silly attitude.

She left them, after the prayers to join other women in group for the weekly sanitation of the church building and its premises. They do this to keep the house of God Clean for Sunday worship. A routine, she had followed for past two decades.

This particular Saturday, they refused to follow her.

On her return, her last child held a loaf of bread tightly, not allowing the elderest child to collect it from him. Mama met them at the doorpost, and led them inside the hut. Without asking questions, she led them in prayers, placing the loaf of bread in plate and a cup of water in their middle.

They haven’t seen anything to eat in the last 72 hours, and this load of a bread was miracle. A kind neigbour has gifted the last child.

Before, she rounded up the prayers, a knock was heard, they all turned their heads towards the door and when the man that gifted the last child the loaf of bread stepped in.

‘Mama, this man gave me the loaf of bread’, he pointed to him.

The man looked at the child and smiled, ‘you are indeed, a great child, you brought the loaf of bread to share with your family’. He brought out more loaves from the big nylon bag in his hands with beverages for them.
Indeed, no matter, what the situation is, God will answer you and give you your daily bread.

Thank you for joining today’s Daily Bible Verse for Today from Matthew 6:11 for today Monday 18 March 2024.  God bless you.

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