Power Supply: How PHCN Staffers Trade As Bayelsans Cry Out

Power Supply: How PHCN Staffers Trade As Bayelsans Cry Out
Households depend on generating sets for power supply

Power Supply: How PHCN Staffers Trade As Bayelsans Cry Out

The continuos lack of power supply in Bayelsa state has become worrisome. Particularly as it is clear that the situation is peculiar to the state.

It has been observed that there is stable electricity in neighbouring communities, towns and states.

Reports say an average household in the state spends at least thirty thousand naira monthly on the purchase of fuel due to incessant darkness. Small and medium scale businesses also incur expenses buying fuel to sustain their businesses.

Some of them are no longer existing as the poor power situation has forced them out of the state.

The erratic power situation is also something that seems to have an underlying political interest. The fact that Yenagoa, the state capital can experiences uninterrupted power supply during special events and some government functions calls for concern.

This implies that if light can be uninterrupted during such events, then it invariably means that there can be constant light in the state, there can be improved power supply.

Some residents of Yenagoa noted that the lack of electricity in the state is quite disheartening particularly in the state capital which is suppose to create a good image for the entire state.

Other residents noted that the company in charge of power supply are not doing their jobs hence should be sanctioned by the federal government.

The fact that many residents are paying their bills yet living with darkness has become appalling.

Some others emphasized that they are being exploited by petroleum marketers who are taking advantage of the situation to sell fuel and make huge profits at the detriment of the people.

The people are calling for a change, an improvement in the power situation. They are calling on the relevant stakeholders to look critically into the situation to bring solution to this huge problem.

Bayelsans are appealing to the prosperity administration of Governor Douye Diri to expedite actions on this issue which is negatively affecting the people of the state.

Written by Ebizimo Freeman, Associate Editor, Reflector Magazine

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