Primed for the Times

Primed for the Times

Primed for the Times

A poem written by Brass Y. Oforibosibo, Esq

You blow hard on me;
On my branches, and on my trunk
And though, my leaves sway
To your ride
my roots dig deep
Though my hopes swing
Like a life buoy
In the swirls
Of your shattering winds
My anchor holds
In bedrocks of peace and

I choke under your swaying push
And I keep asking for my breath
But unbroken by the strife
That pulls down trees
I’m bent to move on
With this black patch birth mark

I’m the seed primed for the times
I’m the African
Crowned in glorious emeralds
In the palace of
Honey_coloured royalty
But like a Reed in the tide
I’m Stuck to the stump
Of faith and works

In the flowing command of your winds
Let me be
A thinopyrum ponticum,
Resilient in the winds
Of time and space
I’m ready to learn and earn
The lessons of self restraint
And discipline
Until I pull through
This ignorant troop
of adversaries
That seek my head.

C 2020 @ Brass Y. Oforibosibo Esq.

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