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VAPP Act Section 1 Short Stories – Chuks Raped Her with a Pen

VAPP Act Section 1 Short Stories – Chuks Raped Her with a Pen

VAPP Act Section 1 Short Stories – Chuks Raped Her with a Pen

This is a short stories series is an initiative of Victor Oroyi to popularize the content of the VAPP Act. Chuks raped her with a pen explains VAPP act section 1, a tragic fiction on the meaning of rape and it’s punishment.

‘It’s a criminal offence, punishable under the violence against persons prohibition act’, the investigating police had told him with his face looking pale. He has lost his mind not knowing the gravity of the offence he committed.

‘Officer, I am innocent, I didn’t penetrate her virginal. I was only playing with her, the usual play na’, Chuks tries to explain to him making gestures with his face ‘officer, you know na… I swear, I no touch her’.

With a hesitant speech, Chuks finds words to defend himself as the IPO looks at him with a carefree attitude. He continues in his line of defence ‘she is my friend and each time, my friends and I come to drink at the bar, I leave the change for her’.

‘That does mean you have her consent to do what you did’, the IPO carelessly replies him. She looks at the sheet of papers in her hand apparently, the statement of the Imiobong to the police. ‘Anyway that will not save you. It is your words against hers’, the IPO, a neatly dressed female police officer.

‘The matter will be charged to court tomorrow for trials, please get your lawyers or the state will get you one’.

She takes out a pen from her front pocket and points at him ‘the matter is generating so much public interest, those human rights activists are bend on getting justice for the girl’.

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Chuks bows his head unto the investigating table in front of him. The IPO leaves the room.

A fair and handsome wealthy young man, a toast of any lady. He has the cash to spend even for an all-expense paid luxurious vacation trip to Dubai for a week for four. This is his promise for Imiobong, if she agrees to his year-long advances.

Chuks is married to a beautiful medical practitioner and blessed with five lovely kids attending one of the expensive schools in the emerging city. A successful trader of all kinds exotic cars for over three decades.

He is seen as a father figure, philanthropist with various awards from different groups. He is donor to worthy cause and a prominent figure for any event either as chief launcher, guest of honour or chairman of the occasion.
Beleama comes with a mix bag of pleasure at this. The rains are heavy. The streets wet but bubbling with activities of different kind. It is the season of the popular festival by the indigenes of the town. As the host city of the newly created state, it serves as an opportunity to reminisce on their cultural and ancestral belief. The hallmark of the festival is the celebration of the brevity of the women of the clan.

A time when women dress as men, to remind them of how women stood against the tax masters.

The collection of preposterous taxes from market women became unbearable and they taught amongst themselves ‘we need a drastic measure, if we cannot use the profit of our labour to take care of our families but use for these lazy men’.

This was the time, Chuks find himself in this avoidable dilemma. Another young woman striving to survive is molested at a popular bar around the city motor park. Nothing happens here without getting to the ends of the city with a jet speed. When the women fought for their rights were years ago but today, they are been molested and victimized in their work place. He has been invited as the Chief Launcher for a new market the women want to build.

So, it is expected when the IPO graciously told Chuks that his indiscrete act has spread and generating several public interest in less three hours he was arrested. Already, various human rights groups and advocates had made press statements issued to journalists.

So, all major headline news broadcast station carried the story. Ironically, even radio and television station that have given him awards for his goodwill did not spare him. Trust, the data boys, the social media especially the facebook is adorned with his pictures from different events he had attended.

Watch the audio visual version of VAPP Act Section 1 below


This case cannot be swept under the carpet like his other friends who harass young girls at the different drinking spots and get away with it.

For the first time, Chuks had an understanding of the word ‘rape’. It goes beyond satisfying your sexual fantasies using the sex organs with or without the consent of a willing or unwilling partner.

As the court clerk read out the changes to him while in the prosecution box with the courtroom filled to its capacity, reality like dews fell on his light skin. His skin wrapped in goose pimple in minutes dripped with thick sweat. In court, also, is Imiobong’s colleague ready to take the witness box opposite him. She had her own story but let’s keep for another day.

Chuks is accused of using his fancy pen to penetrate Imiobong’s anus against her will. While on it, his left finger has find its way to her virginal in the dark corner of the bar. He has always requested her to serve him in the absence of his friends with favourite beer and peppered chicken.

It took the invention of Imiobong’s colleague to serve the situation after she has seen him do it several times. Before showing in the scene, she called her sister who works with a television station to contact a lawyer who does a weekly law programme at their station.

The lady has arrived and had taken shot of the scene several times and alerted the police who came through for Imibong that night.

Find out Chuks punishable if found guilty in the Violence Against Persons Prohibition, VAPP Act Section 1.

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