Bayelsa: The Need to Constitute the Executive Council Now for Better Governance

Bayelsa: The Need to Constitute the Executive Council Now for Better Governance

Bayelsa: The Need to Constitute the Executive Executive Council Now for Better Governance
Douye Diri


By Wisdom Ikuli



Inactivity is making Bayelsans to be speculative. Most Bayelsans now tend to believe whatever rumours and stories they hear.

After the birth and even commencement of the earthly ministry of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the Jews kept hoping for the Messiah, they never realized that Christ was already with them due to their negative mindsets. Most of them in their wishful thinking, never saw Christ as the Messiah even though He healed the sick, raise the dead, provided food for the hungry.

Since 2012, Pensioners were not paid their Gratuities. Salaries were not paid promptly. Members of the opposition were treated like unwanted enemies and at a time, most persons in Bayelsa State slept with one eye closed because of insecurity and fear of the unknown.

But the story is not the same today. Even with the prevalent economic challenges of the country and Bayelsa State in particular, Gov. Douye Diri has prioritized Civil Servants Salaries. He has also started the payment of the Pensions and Gratuity. A positive development that has put smiles on the faces of Pensioners and also restored joy and happiness to many households in the state.

Most Bayelsans now attest to the fact that there is relative improvement in the area of security even though I still urge Gov. Douye Diri to liaise with the Commands of the various Security Agencies: Army, Navy, Airforce, DSS, NSCDC and the Nigeria Police in the State so that collectively they can launch ‘OPERATION CLEAN UP BAYELSA’.


So far, Gov. Douye Diri is doing well. He is running an all inclusive government without giving any political party or section of the state undue advantage over others. But above all, his relentless quest and pursuit of peace and unity. I will therefore urge Bayelsans to place the collective interest of our great people above parochial and primordial sentiments. All hands must be on deck to build the New prosperous Bayelsa State of our dream.

Finally, Gov. Douye Diri as a matter of urgency should constitute the State Executive Council and some strategic Boards. Bayelsans are aware that the delay is as a matter of the prevalent health and economic challenges but the delay has its attendant negative effects which outweighs the reasons for the delays. I say the above because if the Governor puts in place a Team of great Minds, they will make sacrifices but also create good things out of nothing. Many nations and states make tremendous breakthroughs during economic woes and challenges.

Most Senior Comrade Wisdom Oniekpar Ikuli
Mirror and Conscience of Society.

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