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Live 7pm Joel Osteen Service 21 November 2021 | Lakewood Service

Join Joel Osteen Live 7pm Service

Live 7pm Joel Osteen Service 21 November 2021 | Lakewood Service

Live 7pm Joel Osteen Service 21 November 2021 | Lakewood Service

Lakewood Church, Texas join the live streaming of Sunday 7pm service with Pastor Joel Osteen today 21 November 2021. There is a message of hope to inspire you.

Share this 7pm live Pastor Joel Osteen Sunday Service today 21st November 2021 at Lakewood Church with your family and friends. Jesus loves and cares for you.

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Meet Pastor Joel Osteen, Senior Pastor Lakewood Church

Raised in Houston, Texas, with a loving family of seven and world-renowned parents in full-time ministry, Joel Osteen never imagined that he would follow so closely in his father’s footsteps. As a young man, his training and interests were behind the scenes in television production, though he was close to his father in ministry.

His father always encouraged him to preach, but Joel would politely decline time and time again until one day in October 1999 when his father was admitted to the hospital with kidney complications. Joel finally agreed to preach the next Sunday, and his father passed the following week. Joel’s first sermon was the last his father ever heard. Joel and his wife, Victoria, were suddenly thrust into full-time leadership of Lakewood Church.

In 2003, Lakewood Church acquired the Compaq Center, former home of the NBA’s Houston Rockets. The next 18 months were spent renovating the arena, and on July 15, 2005, the first of seven weekly worship services was held in the new 16,000-seat auditorium. That first week, Lakewood added over 10,000 new members, and within a year became one of the most popular out-of-town visitor destinations in Houston.

From his earliest memory, Joel Osteen sat at the knee of a father whose entire life was focused on reaching those in need. While John Osteen was a successful pastor, Joel’s first experiences were in the areas of media and business, where he quickly established an international reputation.

Since 1999, under the leadership of Pastor Joel Osteen, Lakewood has grown in a variety of ways. Lakewood’s commitment to community outreach continues to increase, and its international media broadcast has expanded into over 200 million households in the United States.

Live Joel Osteen Sunday 7pm Service 21 November 2021 | Lakewood Church

Pastor Joel and Victoria are leading this generation with a practical message that is transforming lives. A message of hope, healing, and forgiveness. A message that you can live the abundant life God is calling you to. A message that you can Discover the Champion in You!

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