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Our Daily Bread Devotional 17 September 2021 – Move Your Fence

Our Daily Bread Devotional 17 September 2021 - Move Your Fence
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Our Daily Bread Devotional 17 September 2021 – Move Your Fence

Welcome to Friday 17 September 2021 daily devotional of Our Daily Bread titled Move Your Fence. This message shall be a blessing to your life and destiny.

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  • Our Daily Bread Devotional 17 September 2021

Topic: Move Your Fence


See, I am doing a new thing!

– Isaiah 43:19

Today’s Scripture: Isaiah 43:18–21


The village vicar couldn’t sleep. As World War II raged, he’d told a small group of American soldiers they couldn’t bury their fallen comrade inside the fenced cemetery next to his church. Only burials for church members were allowed. So the men buried their beloved friend just outside the fence.

The next morning, however, the soldiers couldn’t find the grave. “What happened? The grave is gone,” one soldier told the reverend. “Oh, it’s still there,” he told him. The soldier was confused, but the churchman explained. “I regretted telling you no. So, last night, I got up—and I moved the fence.”

God may give fresh perspective for our life challenges too—if we look for it. That was the prophet Isaiah’s message to the downtrodden people of Israel. Instead of looking back with longing at their Red Sea rescue, they needed to shift their sight, seeing God doing new miracles, blazing new paths. “Do not dwell on the past,” He urged them. “See, I am doing a new thing!” (Isaiah 43:18–19). He’s our source of hope during doubts and battles. “I provide water in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland, [providing] drink to my people, my chosen [people]” (v. 20).

Refreshed with new vision, we too can see God’s fresh direction in our lives. May we look with new eyes to see His new paths. Then, with courage, may we step onto new ground, bravely following Him. By: Patricia Raybon

REFLECT: What new thing would God like to accomplish in your life? What new ground has God led you to and what will you do with it?


Merciful God, thank You for providing fresh perspective for my life in You. Refresh my sight to see new ground to walk with You.

Bible in a Year: Proverbs 27–29 2 Corinthians 10

Hope this message blessed your life? Thank you for reading Our Daily Bread Devotional 17 September 2021 titled Move Your Fence. Wishing you God’s richest blessings for the day.

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