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Precision: Exactness in Pursuit

A Poem

Precision: Exactness in Pursuit
An abstract shot by Victor Oroyi in the Precision…

Precision: Exactness in Pursuit

Enjoy this poem Precision: Exactness in Pursuit from Victor Oroyi’s collection hope against Hope. It aims to talk about focus despite obstacles.


With precision
Salted with clarity
Of purpose
Laced in hope
For the road is rough

Dressed in Faith
Faith that moves
From gazing
To finding
Solace in the
Creator, when the road is rough

With precision
You don’t mind
The rocky path
Though you fall
We keep climbing
Until we find
The top – our place

For precision
Helps to discern and design
A clear roadmap to
Reach the top

Stay precise
Don’t be perturbed

(c) 2019

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