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Bayelsans Express Opinions on Russia Ukraine Crisis 

Bayelsans Express Opinions on Russia Ukraine Crisis 

Bayelsans Express Opinions on Russia Ukraine Crisis

Bayelsans have been expressing their opinions on the current crisis between Russia and Ukraine as Ukrainians have shown a high level of patriotism as many civilians volunteered to fight for their country.

The youths and elderly all came together in unity despite their political or social
class to fight the war against Russia.

Some Bayelsans say in Nigeria, we cannot have such unity due to our various political, ethnic and religious differences.

A business man, Mr. Eric Ebimene said Nigeria does not have unity like the Ukrainians, even within the same state, there are still many tribal and community conflicts due to lack of unity.

” The northerners do not like we in the South and the people in the west also look down on us in the south, then how can we come together to fight for our nation is such occurs” he added.

A civil servant, Mr James Angaye noted that our country may not be worth fighting for due to the level of insecurity, fuel scarcity, lack of electricity and economic hardship faced by its citizens.

He emphasized that all these challenges can cause disunity as many Nigerians are only looking out for the interest of themselves and their families.

“Many Nigerians are not happy due to the rate of poverty, yo cannot ask a man that is unhappy to go ad fight to defend his country, when he is not happy about the state of the country”

A business woman, Mrs Odigoni Bright is of the opinion that Nigerians cannot come out to fight and defend their country if such happens because there is no love, different tribes and religions do not show love to each other.

However, Mr Martins Offor, a lecturer said despite our cultural diversities and economic challenges, there are still some persons like him who believe in a united Nigeria and would see it as an honor to fight for the country.

Bayelsans Express Opinions on Russia Ukraine Crisis

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