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Blood Sisters, Beyond The Lead Characters: Who is Timiyin?

Blood Sisters, Beyond The Lead Characters: Who is Timiyin?

Blood Sisters, Beyond The Lead Characters: Who is Timiyin?

Blood Sisters, Beyond The Lead Characters: Who is Timiyin?

The review of Blood Sisters, a NETFLIX series produced by MO Abudu will make news for a long time.  In this movie review, we look at Blood Sisters, beyond the lead characters, to peep into some of the characters who stood out.


Though I know the Ademola family is weird and crazy, it was nice to see that someone in the family wasn’t just a stereotype. Through the scenes you can tell she has a good heart. Her circumstances and the family she grew up with just didn’t help When I saw the way Timiyin still cared for her brother and how underrated of a character she was in the series. She honestly became my fav.

From her realistic personality, to her love for her family even her unloving mom, to how she stood up for her self with that elephant in the rehab, then the end scene in the warehouse just topped it off. 👏I wasn’t even that focused on the main characters in the last episode. My eyes were on Timiyin and (Lanre with his outfits).  wow did not realize how long this comment would be 😅


I like the fact that Kola still gain traction in the movie Even in death, The fact that they use his pictures and paintings almost on every scene to sustain his role in the movie.


Blade is a toothpick because there were so many unnoticeable ways he could have done the job.


The movie is really nice, I love that they didn’t waste anytime, every scene included was necessary in telling the story. The movie is thrilling, also no unnecessary exaggerations in their acting, enjoyed the suspense from the episode 2.

Some parts of the story are also missing, like she didn’t grieve at all after they killed him, which will only mean she didn’t love him, so why did she agree to marry him, they should have at least given us that back story, because her character didn’t come off like that of someone who is after his money.

In conclusion, and it was good, they really tried, their scripting, casting, acting and effects 8/10 Wasn’t very pleased with the ending though, they could have added another 5 minutes just to conclude the final scenes, not leaving us to guessing and assumption. Still it’s a Great watch and it’s worth all the hype.

Blood Sisters, Beyond The Lead Characters: Who is Timiyin?

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