Ebuka: The Table Shaker, Read How He Broke Tables #BBNaija

Ebuka's season 5 table shaking moments

Ebuka: The Table Shaker, Read How He Broke Tables #BBNaija

Ebuka: The Table Shaker, Read How He Broke Tables #BBNaija

Everyone has a shady side; but when it comes to shattering tables and giving gbas gbos, only one person comes to mind: Big Brother Naija’s Host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu.

Here’s a brief look at some of the times Ebuka left the Housemates stuttering and kept the Lockdown House in chaos as he shook tables.

The time when pressure was applied on ‘Mr. Apply Pressure’

Remember that Eviction Sunday when Ebuka asked Brighto to explain what he meant when he told Kiddwaya that Neo was fake? We can’t forget how Twitter went wild as Brighto plainly denied ever saying such and it was rather funny seeing our ever-bold resident Lord Baelish being put on the hot seat.





So, Ozo proposed to Nengi and of course, Ebuka couldn’t let that slide

There was fire on the mountain when Erica and Wathoni had ‘that incident‘ and in the midst of it all, Ozo woke up from sleep, took Nengi to Biggie’s Garden and decided it was the perfect time for a proposal. Twitter couldn’t believe what happened and while we all wondered what Ebuka would say about all this at the Sunday Live Show, he came ready and didn’t disappoint us.

Honorable Ebuka, abeg off your mic…





The biggest test of loyalty

Ebuka questioned Vee on her statement about Erica and Laycon’s situation. Apparently, she told Laycon to stop talking to Erica and also had to ‘bind and cast’ her friend from the hands of strong feelings. Vee responded saying she said all that to protect her friend from getting hurt and it was nothing personal with Erica. “It’s nothing personal, I’ve advised him to stop speaking to her… I always tell him his ‘mumu’ button has been pressed and it’s stuck,” she replied.

This was a bold ‘I said what I said’ moment that Twitter seemed to love.



Watch this



Shaking the ships

On this subject of table shaking in the House, some ships were hit by Ebuka’s storm and did they survive it? Well, some did.

Kiddwaya and Erica were questioned on their intimacy that served us relationship goals this season and when asked, they claimed to be special friendsEbuka asked Nengi why it seemed like she was playing with the guys in the House which led to a Prince, Ozo and Nengi triangle and she said she was only being friends with them. Of all these moments, the one that left us with our mouths wide open was during Tolanibaj’s Eviction. Before her exit, Ebuka asked her about her conversation regarding having feelings for Neo and not minding his situationship with Vee. Tolanibaj was Evicted that night, so we got nothing much out of the situation of what could have been; however, we sure saw that this table shaking rocked Vee and Neo’s ship a little bit. Or was it just a little?

Watch this video to decide



Now, do you love table-shaking Ebuka? Of course, we all live for it!





Anyway, mood forever. We stan!



Keep shaking those tables Ebuka, we’re here for it!

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