ENWAF Joins Other Stakeholders for Flag Off HPV Vaccine in Bayelsa

ENWAF Joins Other Stakeholders for Flag Off HPV Vaccine in Bayelsa

ENWAF Joins Stakeholders for Flag Off HPV Vaccine in Bayelsa

Eunice Nnachi Women Advocacy Foundation, ENWAF, a non-governmental organization joins Bayelsa State Ministry of Health and Primary Health Care Board (BYSPHCB) and stakeholders, for the flag off the Human Papiloma Virus, HPV Vaccine, in Bayelsa.

The flag off ceremony which was held in St Jude’s Girls Secondary school Amarata, in Yenagoa, had other partners in the commencement of Human Papilloma vaccine week November 20-24th, 2023.

The Commissioner for Health, Dr Pabra Igwele, who advised parents to allow their children take the vaccine, also noted that, it helps in the prevention of cervical cancer.

* Cervical cancer has caused many untimely deaths, unknown to different individuals, early detection can be prevented , if you allow your children between the age of 9 – 14 years take the HPV vaccine”

Earlier, the Executive Secretary of the Primary Health Care Board, Dr Williams Appah said, the commencement is to enlighten and assist persons who may not have the idea, but to put them through, so that, they will allow their daughter’s from 9-14 take the vaccines.

According to” Dr Appah ” this vaccine is very new ,I think we own the nation and our mothers in Bayelsa state, and it focused with the national’ on the girl child .

The targeted age to receive the Vaccine is from 9-14 years of age, from Monday health workers will be moving from community to community for the vaccine.

The ENWAF CEO Lady Eunice Nnachi, advised the parents to allow their children in schools, churches or Home take the vaccine, as health workers will start moving from Monday to Friday.

“Health works will move from churches, to schools and to different villages. Parents allow your children to take the shots

“HPV vaccines can be given starting at age 9 years. All preteens need HPV vaccination, so they are protected from HPV infections that can cause cancer later in life

“The vaccines are intended to prevent, as their primary objective, cervical and other genital cancers. As such, their effectiveness will be measurable only in the long term, when sufficiently numerous cohorts of immunized adolescents will have reached the age when cancers are more frequently diagnosed,” Nnachi said.

Ebizimo Onegiofori filed this report

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