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Fasting and Prayers 27 January 2022 Jerry Eze | Day 18 Prayer Points

Fasting and Prayers With Jerry Eze | Day 18 Prayer Points

Fasting and Prayers 27 January 2022 Jerry Eze | Day 18 Prayer Points

Join the 21 days fasting and prayers with Pastor Jerry Eze of Streams of Joy International Church, Abuja today Thursday 27 January 2022 tagged Operation Stop the Stoppers for Day 18 prayer points.

Share today day 18 prayer points with your family and friends to partake in the blessings of the 21 days fasting and prayers today 27 January 2022 with Pastor Jerry Eze.

Day 18 Theme – Operation Stop the Stoppers

Read/Meditate: Psalms 44:1-8; James 4:6-7; Luke 10:19; Revelations 18.


1. 2022: I am unstoppable by fire.

2. Every power that has vowed that I will not enter my rest in 2022, you are a liar, right now, by fire by thunder, scatter!

3. The Lord, the Captain of the Host of Heaven is on my side therefore you army of darkness marching in my direction, be destroyed by fire.

4. Any man that has made himself a mountain before me, my family, career, business and Ministry, today, according to the order of Zerubabel, oh you mountain, what are you waiting for, be made a plain.

5. I am endued with power therefore I enter into my father’s house and into my mother’s house, I tread on every ancient serpent and scorpion, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt me.


6. Oh Lord, by your mercy, please turn every counsel of “Ahitophel” that has risen against me and my family into foolishness, let their evil plan come upon them in a hundred fold.

7. Every satanic roadblock on my way to my destiny fulfillment, demonic hindrances on the pathway to my congratulations, listen to me, your end has come, right now, scatter by fire.

8. Every agreement of hell seeking to rob me of my inheritance, hear me now, my name is not Esau, today I set confusion in your midst, you conspirators, hear the Word of the Lord, be drowned by your own wickedness.

9. The Lord has made a way for me, as I go forth, my steps are ordered, my feet are steady, Kairos is my default setting; I arrive on time! No power of Hell can delay or stop me, if they try, FIRE!

10. I move with hosts of angels! Lord Increase my capacity, my steps must be a terror to darkness, where others were swallowed in their health, finances, business and careers, I am covered, I am protected, I am unstoppable!

#Streamsofjoy #whatGodcannotdodoesnotexist

Fasting and Prayers 27 January 2022 Jerry Eze | Day 18 Prayer Points

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