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Jerry Eze Fasting and Prayers 26 January 2022 | Day 17 Prayer Points

Jerry Eze Fasting and Prayers | Day 17 Prayer Points

Jerry Eze Fasting and Prayers 26 January 2022 | Day 17 Prayer Points

Join the 21 days fasting and prayers with Pastor Jerry Eze of Streams of Joy International Church for Day 17 prayer point today Wednesday 26 January 2022.  Please share with your family and friends to partake in the blessings of the day.


Read/Meditate: Psalms 23; Deuteronomy 28:1-13; Romans 8: 32; Philippians 4:19 ; 2 Corinthians 9:9–11; Joel 2:18-32


1. 2022: EPHAPHATHA!!! 7x I command all doors in my finances to open by Fire!

2. The Blessing is upon my life therefore in 2022 and beyond all doors and Gates of wealth, increase and overflowing abundance open to me on their own accord. I am blessed beyond measure.

3. Today I declare that because the storehouses of Heaven can never run dry and because my Heavenly Father can never go bankrupt, I can never go bankrupt, my storehouse, my bank accounts will never go dry.

4. I am a candidate of miracle money and miracle financial open doors! Bills are about to paid, debts are being cancelled, helpers are rising!

5. 2022 has obeyed! Amen

6. I am that chosen generation, royal priesthood, holy nation, : my health, finances, business, ministry, career shall show forth ONLY the praises of God! Powers of hell against my prophecy, Break! 1 Peter 2:9


7. I rise to the mountain of visibility, what others are looking for, what others are pursuing, what are others are lobbying for, they running after me. Grace is my advantage.

8. Oh Lord, In 2022, by your mighty Hand, cause me to sit amongst kings, princes, nobles and those that matter. You spirit of the “cave Adullam”, powers that attracts vain men, what are you doing around me, perish by fire

9. Like Mary, the mark of high favor is upon my life, I have become the preferred one. What has not be done for anyone before are being done for me! I am the favored one.

10. Every power of darkness blocking my gates of financial increase, what are you doing there? Today, in the name of Jesus, be crushed to pieces.

11. No more reduction; In my finance, business, career and ministry, I move from Glory to Glory. Ancient altars that cause men to move from plenty to nothing, from Grace to grass, I will never be your candidate, right now, catch fire.

#streamsofjoy #whatGodcannotdodoesnotexist

Jerry Eze Fasting and Prayers 26 January 2022 | Day 17 Prayer Points

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