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Jerry Eze 21 Days Fasting and Prayers 12 January 2022 | DAY 3 Prayer Points

Jerry Eze 21 Days Fasting and Prayers 12 January 2022 | DAY 3 Prayer Points

Join today 21 days fasting and prayers hosted by Pastor Jerry Eze of the Streams of Joy International Church, take all 10 prayer points for day 3 today Wednesday 12 January 2022.  This prayer points will break the yoke of delay and stagnation.


Read/Meditate: Genesis 25:19-21, Zach. 4


1. Today, by the Power of the Holy Ghost, I rise above my expliots of yesterday, I leave behind the achievements of yesterday and I press in for More. In 2022, I move from Glory to Glory. Amen

2. Every chain of wickedness, holding me back to my yesterday, every force of darkness that has vowed to delay me in destiny, you are a liar, right now, scatter by fire.

3. According to the order of Elijah, I move by the speed of the Holy Ghost, in my career, business and Ministry, I decree and declare that I am unstoppable. Amen

4. By the force of Heaven, I breakthrough every wall of limitation standing between me and my next level, oh you wall, be crushed to pieces.

5. Every demonic power standing at the gates of my transition, who placed you there? Today your end has come, by the ministry of warring Angels with blazing swords, be eliminated by fire.

6. Oh Lord! Anything in me that has caused me to lose speed in destiny: any habit, association, relationship that has allowed the enemy to reduce my destiny speed, oh Lord, by your mighty power, cut it off, please take it away. Amen

7. According to the order of Hannah, from the same place I experienced delay, right now, I am harvesting testimonies that will make me the envy of my contemporaries. Oh Lord, reply my mockers with my testimonies.

8. Oh my Father, I have come to the end of myself, my strength has failed me, my knowledge, my connections cannot help me, please Lord by your outstretched hand, pull me out from this valley of stagnation, please Father, SHOW ME MERCY.

9. You spirit of delay and stagnation working in my father’s house and in my mother’s house, hear my now, I can never be your candidate, I belong to the bloodline of Jesus, today, I cut off your hands from my life.

10. Every ancestral power that causes men to take one step forward and two steps backwards in destiny, hear me now, you have no place in my life, have you not heard that the path of the just is as a shinning light that shines more and more unto a perfect day, right now, die by fire.

Jerry Eze 21 Days Fasting and Prayers 12 January 2022 | DAY 3 Prayer Points

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