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Prayer of the Day 12 January 2022 | The Day’s Beginning

Today Prayer of the Day | The Day's Beginning

Prayer of the Day 12 January 2022 | The Day's Beginning

Prayer of the Day 12 January 2022 | The Day’s Beginning

Join today Wednesday 12 January 2022 for the Catholic daily mass prayer of the day tagged Prayers at the Day’s Beginning.  This prayer will guide you on how to focus on God for the day.

Share with prayer of the day with your family and friends to partake in the blessings of the day Wednesday 12 January 2022. Jesus loves and cares for you.

Prayers at the Day’s Beginning

Lord, one more day to love you!
Brother Charles de Foucauld

O Jesus, watch over me always, especially today, or I shall betray you like Judas.
St. Philip Neri

Lord, today is the day I begin!
St. Philip Neri

Jesus, shine through me and be so in me that every person I come in contact with may feel your presence in my soul.
John Henry Cardinal Newman

My God, send me thy Holy Spirit to teach me what I am and what thou art!
St. John Vianney

May the Passion of Christ be ever in our heart.
St. Paul of the Cross

And to be more with Him, more with Him, not merely with oneself.
Pope John Paul II

Prayer of the Day Wednesday 12 January 2022 | Responsorial Psalm: Psalms 40:2-5, 7-8, 8-9, 10

2 He pulled me up from the seething chasm, from the mud of the mire. He set my feet on rock, and made my footsteps firm.

3 He put a fresh song in my mouth, praise of our God. Many will be awestruck at the sight, and will put their trust in Yahweh.

4 How blessed are those who put their trust in Yahweh, who have not sided with rebels and those who have gone astray in falsehood.

5 How much you have done, Yahweh, my God — your wonders, your plans for us — you have no equal. I will proclaim and speak of them; they are beyond number.

7 then I said, ‘Here I am, I am coming.’ In the scroll of the book it is written of me,

8 my delight is to do your will; your law, my God, is deep in my heart.

9 I proclaimed the saving justice of Yahweh in the great assembly. See, I will not hold my tongue, as you well know.

10 I have not kept your saving justice locked in the depths of my heart, but have spoken of your constancy and saving help. I have made no secret of your faithful and steadfast love, in the great assembly.

12 January 2022 | Prayer of the Day

Thank you for reading today Prayer of the Day Wednesday 12 January 2022.  Say The Gloria and may thy Lord bless you.

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