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Jerry Eze Fasting and Prayers 20 January 2022 | Day 11 Prayer Points

Jerry Eze Fasting and Prayers 20 January 2022 | Day 11 Prayer Points

Jerry Eze Fasting and Prayers 20 January 2022 | Day 11 Prayer Points

Join the 21 days fasting and prayers with Pastor Jerry Eze of Streams of Joy Church today Thursday 20 January 2022 for prayer point on this 11th day.

Spread this feed Jerry Eze fasting and prayers feed with your family and friends today 20 January 2022.

Jerry Eze Fasting and Prayers 19 January 2022 | Day 10 Prayer Points


Read/Meditate: Psalm 121


Every spirit of delay that says my help and helpers will come late, right now, catch fire.

2. 2022: There shall be no wind, there shall be no rain but my valley shall be filled with rain!

3. 2022 is my year of Help and Helpers! That call/email/signature/alert that will turn my life around – ENTER BY FIRE!

4. That one idea that will set me apart from others, that one direction that will connect me to my destiny helpers, that one miracle that jay will engineer multiple miracles, chains of celebration and congratulations, I RECEIVE IT!

5. By the mercies of God, I call forth my joyful news from unexpected sources! Strangers shall favor me! Help is coming from far and wide! Mysterious trumpeters, arise and announce my name by Fire.


6. I carry the mantle of Influence! I am Mount Zion, I am exalted, I am established : men of substance, kings and queens, cities and nations will volunteer to help me!

7. Mantle of Ease, Fall on me! Grace is multiplied, I move by the force of Favor, I coast on the wings of Mercy! I am that evidence that God can Help a Man!

8. The Sun, the moon, the stars and all the elements of this earth are coming together in holy conspiracy to help me!

9. Today I decree that all through 2022 and beyond, I will receive unsolicited help, help that I did ask for, help that I did not pray for will overwhelm my days. In 2022, before I need help, help will already be waiting for me.

10. Every voice of opposition speaking into the ears of my helpers against me, hear me now, your end has come, right now, shut up by fire!

Jerry Eze Fasting and Prayers 20 January 2022 | Day 11 Prayer Points

11. Every attack against my helpers, attack against their Finance, health and business in order to render my helpless and “helperless”, hear the word of the Lord, “No more!”, In the name of Jesus, loose your hold over them.

12. I am not Naomi, I refuse to be absent on the day of my visitation. Powers that make men wander away in the season of their help, that cause men to walk in the opposite direction of their helpers, I am not your candidate,in the name of Jesus, I declare: I am rightly located!

13. Every filthy garment I am wearing that is repelling my helpers, I tear you by fire, right now, in the name of Jesus, I wear that Heavenly fragrance that attracts help and helpers. Amen

14. In every area of my life that the help of man has failed me, today, by the mercies of God, I receive Divine help.

15. Oh my Father, make me a helper to many; Make me a carrier of Divine help. Oh Lord, may I be Heaven’s channel of reaching out to those in need of help!


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