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Jerry Eze 21 Days Fasting and Prayers 15 January 2022 | Day 6 Prayer Points

Jerry Eze 21 Days Fasting and Prayers 15 January 2022 | Day 6 Prayer Points

Jerry Eze 21 Days Fasting and Prayers 15 January 2022 | Day 6 Prayer Points

Join the prayer points for Day 6 of the 21 days fasting and prayers today Saturday 15 January 2022 with Pastor Jerry Eze tagged I Carry My Evidence.


Read/Meditate: 1 Samuel 17


I am not ordinary! I break out of the usual! Mantle of the supernatural rest on me! As I step out, I receive multiple Mega evidences that WHAT GOD CANNOT DO, DOES NOT EXIST!!!

2022: I prophesy, you shall begin with evidences, progress with evidences and end with evidences!

This is 2022: All things are working! No matter how long I was covered, delayed or denied, i carry major evidences that I am in my season of a feast of fat things.

I receive major evidences that my Joyful Change is Here! Where others crawl, I run! What brought others down lifts me higher, what caused others to cry will make me shout for Joy!

I am not Moses, I will not only see my evidence, right now, I arise with fire and I carry my evidence, today I enter into my evidence.

Every satanic gathering against my evidence, listen to me, you have already failed, right now, by the ministry of waring angels with blazing swords, be destroyed by fire.

You spirit of Goliath standing at the gate of my evidence, powers that said that I will not carry my evidence, what are you doing there? Today, hear the Word of the Lord, die by fire.

Oh my Father, today I decree and declare that in 2022 I carry my evidence, my prayer points have become answers, expectations have become reality. Amen

My family is hid in Christ and Christ in God! O ye dragon standing against our results, testimonies and evidences, Fire! We emerge gloriously, victoriously!

The Lion of the tribe of Judah has prevailed therefore I prevail over every opposition. I stand on the finished work of Christ and I declare that no matter the contention against my destiny, I have already won.

Nothing will kill my evidence; My evidence will not be exchanged with bitter tears; Powers that work in darkness to strangle the evidence of men, hear me now, if you come close, fire!

I might not have what they have, I might not have their experience, their connections, their position, their resources, their social network, their eloquence but by the mighty Hand of God, I carry my evidence.

The voice of my enemies will not be louder than the voice of my helpers. Every evil voice speaking against my evidence, right now, by the Word of the Lord, I condemn you by fire.

In 2022, my hands shall not be empty, my business shall not be empty, my storehouses shall not be empty, my career will not empty, my ministry will not be empty, in the name of Jesus, I fill up every emptiness with unlimited evidences.

I am the answer that my generation has been waiting for, wherever I step into, solutions appear, long lasting negativities stand no chance before the God I carry. I was born for such a time as this. Amen


Jerry Eze 21 Days Fasting and Prayers 15 January 2022 | Day 6 Prayer Points

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