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Jerry Eze Friday Prophetic Declarations 25 March 2022 | Altar of Fire

Jerry Eze Friday Prophetic Declarations 25 March 2022 | Altar of Fire

Jerry Eze Friday Prophetic Declarations 25 March 2022 | Altar of Fire

Jerry Eze Friday Prophetic Declarations 25 March 2022 | Altar of Fire

Declare today’s Pastor Jerry Eze of live streams of NSPPD for prophetic declarations for Friday 25 March 2022 from the Altar of Fire.

| Jerry Eze Friday Prophetic Declarations 23 March 2022 |

May Heaven Give your Family a testimony that is “WAY BEYOND BELIEF”!!!!! Receive these Declarations in Jesus’ Name!

♦ The Lord is completing what he started in your family. It is being completed right now.

♦Whatsoever the devil has planted in your children that is not of the Lord, it is uprooted by fire.

♦ Instead of your worst days, your best days are bursting out.

♦ The Bible says that I and the children the Lord has given to me are for signs and wonders, therefore, I announce that your family members are wonders let the manifestation of uncommon talent, intelligence, wisdom, gift, visibility burst out. You cannot be ordinary and they cannot be ordinary. Let greatness burst out.

♦ The next forty days shall be days of uncommon celebration and congratulations in your family. That which your strength cannot give you, a congratulation will arise. Receive it right now.

♦ Your celebration will not come by labour but by favour.

♦ Eyes have not seen nor ears heard neither has it entered into the hearts of men what God is set to do for your family.

♦ Like David from the backside of the desert, your family is about to be anointed for visibility.

♦ Though you walk through the valley of the shadow of death, the Lord is with you, his rod and his staff they comfort you!

♦ The Lord is frustrating the devices of the crafty and making the diviners go mad!

♦ Hear me as I hear the Lord, enter your forty days of family congratulations and celebration. Whether your family members are ready or not we push them into their celebration. Let them enter right now.

♦ A miracle is arising from what the devil though he brought. Receive it right now.

♦ As your amen will thunder receive the grace, favour and capacity to become the desire of the nations. To become who they are looking for.

Jerry Eze Friday Prophetic Declarations 25 March 2022 | Altar of Fire

♦ Anyone wearing an old garment, you are wondering why you are not desirable but you have no idea you are wearing an old garment, that garment is torn by fire.

♦ Carry that blessing that will close the deal for you and make your Christmas come between now and April.

♦ Do not be afraid, you will not drown like the others.

♦ The Lord is releasing a NOW MIRACLE, receive it by fire.

♦ Right now, let your family members carry their now miracle, favour, breakthrough, and open doors. The zeal of the Lord will perform it. Let them carry it now.

♦ As your amen will thunder, I announce carry your own. It is coming in 7 days, your baby, pregnancy. Take your own.

♦ Hear me as I hear the Lord I release a mark of preservation. As you leave your house your family will not revive a call of evil emergency on your behalf. Powers that want to cause sudden disaster, they are broken by fire.

♦ Any door that will lead to the end of your life is closed by fire.

♦ Battles that arise at the place of laughter in your family, as your amen will thunder, I announce that they are broken by fire.

♦ That negativity that broke your family that shame and pain that looked like all your dreams have crashed to the ground, it will not arise again.

♦ Prayer over Female Members: Your days of glory have appeared. Whatever that is missing in your life, carry it right now your joy laughter and celebration.

♦ Any deposit or sickness on your body that is not of the Lord drops off by fire

♦ Any female member connected to a marine husband, the curse is broken.

♦ What you have been waiting for has arrived, You will not die prematurely! You will see your next generation.

♦ Prayers over Male Members: The Lord is rebranding your destiny with glory. Whatever was taken from you is recovered by fire. Your peace joy property take it back by fire.

♦ In the same manner that God did to the children of Israel I will plant you in your own land, I announce that you are planted in your own land.

♦ The former, later and present rain are falling at the same time

♦ Anybody planning evil, telling lies and accusing you, let them be silenced by thunder.

♦ Your hands will carry good like dust, wealth and riches. You will not be covered, you will be visible.

♦ The Lord will overturn and overturn until you are established. You will serve the Lord! Any distraction that is not of God (friend or company) they are uprooted from your destiny. You will not be missing on the day of your celebration ..

♦ Take your throne, crown and star, When your generation will ask for one you will give a thousand…

♦ Become more than they are expecting… He that will not lie has spoken a word, as your AMEN will thunder let the harvest of your family be louder than you imagine!

♦ Glorious things are happening! Your family has been planted in a new season! Your family will move from one good news to another! God is opening several ways! You will not be irrelevant. You will not be relegated. It is done!!!

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God bless you as you make these Jerry Eze Friday Prophetic Declarations 25th March 2022 | Altar of Fire.

Jerry Eze Friday Prophetic Declarations 25 March 2022 | Altar of Fire

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