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Jerry Eze Wednesday Prophetic Declarations 23 March 2022 | Altar of Fire

Jerry Eze Wednesday Prophetic Declarations

Jerry Eze Wednesday Prophetic Declarations 23 March 2022 | Altar of Fire

Jerry Eze Wednesday Prophetic Declarations 23 March 2022 | Altar of Fire

DAILY PROPHETIC DECLARATIONS FOR 23RD MARCH 2022 – Read today’s Wednesday 23 March 2022 prophetic declarations from Pastor Jerry Eze from this morning NSPPD for mercy!

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Because you have cried out with us today on the Altar of Fire…  Because you cannot stand before the King of Kings and still bow to afflictions…  Because we serve a God who is too faithful to fail…

By the reason of the atmosphere of Mercy you partook of, We decree and Declare:

1. The hand of God is pulling you out by mercy!

2. No matter where you are, in the cage, valley, pit or dungeon, by the mercies of God I announce the Lord is pulling you out. Come out by mercy! For the same mercy that delivered Daniel from the lion’s den, the mercy that saves men from setback and shame is saving you right now!

Because the mercies of the Lord endures forever,

3. Whatever looks like an opposition, setback, rising and falling, for by the mercies of the Lord he cut off their enemies, I announce let them be cut off right now!

4. The lord is showing mercy to anyone who has waited again and again for a miracle, to laugh, to be congratulated I announce your wait is over!

5. I pray for anyone in pain or shame or anyone that says I don’t know my way out of the situation that I am in, You have prayed fasted and sown seeds. It is of the Lord’s mercies that we are not consumed for his compassion fails not! By your mercy oh Lord, whatever that has entered to make their years empty, Lord let it not end the way the devil planned it. Lord Let your Mercy sweep away every pain, every shame. Everyone with an infirmity, every cancer, Lord let it be rolled away. Give them a reason to laugh again, to smile again, to say you are God, a reason to say that you are not a man that you will lie!

Today’s Pastor Jerry Eze Wednesday Prophetic Declarations 23 March 2022 from NSPPD Altar of Fire

By your mercy oh God, let there be life, let there be a turn around!

6. Lord we decree and declare from now till another 24hrs, what man cannot do, what doctors cannot do, what their friends cannot make happen for them, let it happen for them. Let every mountain melt. Let there be a release of joy. Let men and women move into their new season!

7. By your mercy we decree that let there be a turnaround that sounds like a lie!

8. We announce the mercy of God has located you.

9. Every evil report has become a report of good news, joy and a turn around!

10. Receive mercy for the new! By the mercies of God your mistakes have been buried!

11. The mercies of God is giving people new appointment letters, receive it by mercy!

12. The Lord is showing you mercy for relevance, receive national, international and global relevance right now!

13. The mercy of God is separating you from who you are to who you ought to be!

14. I announce receive instant Miracles!

15. Everyone in ministry, by the mercy of God, the Lord is rebranding you. The Lord is giving you more than enough, more than what your generation is asking for. Out of your belly shall flow. You are rebranded with fire, with glory. Let the revelational gift burst out!

16. The blood of Jesus is coming against blood suckers. Any family going through witchcraft attack. You stole the peace of their home. You stole their health with unknown infirmity. They don’t know what they are doing because you threw in confusion. We command you to break by fire. We announce surely there is an end and the end of that witchcraft activity has come.

17. By the mercy of God what your finances could not do for you, what the doctors could not do for you, receive mercy. I announce it is done.

18. In Another five minutes let that call and texts start entering. Your joy has erupted. The Lord has shown you mercy on all sides. The Lord is giving you beauty for ashes. Garment of joy for the spirit of heaviness. If the Lord is in this prayer, as your amen will thunder may you carry an evidence that sounds like a lie.

I announce it is done!!!

Thank you for making today’s Jerry Eze Wednesday Prophetic Declarations 23rd March 2022 | Altar of Fire.

Jerry Eze Wednesday Prophetic Declarations 23 March 2022 | Altar of Fire

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