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My Ebony Sparks of Hope – Finding a Colour of Hope [Read Poem]

My Ebony Sparks of Hope - Finding a Colour of Hope [Read Poem]
Photo model: Blessing Agara, Photo Credit: Studio 10 Yenagoa

My Ebony Sparks of Hope – Finding a Colour of Hope [Read Poem]

A poem written by Victor Oroyi from the collection, Colours of Hope. This poem, My Ebony Sparks of Hope is a reflection of man’s look into the faces of people around him in his time of hopelessness.

It stressed the importance of those around even in our deepest pain. The memories they bring helps heal the present pain as a mirror to the future. Hope you find someone to look and find a hope to live. Enjoy it.


My Fine Friend
My Fine Counsel
A true definition of the color –

Your teeth sparkle
The sparkling white is charmy
On a redded-lips
Takes my breath away

The smiles
The smile on your face
Is likened to the full moon tonight
Shining over the dark night

Eyes gazing
Into the future
With hope and excitement
Despite the hopelessness
Your face brings hope

I see your cheeks
Well polished
Lined with distinct coutour
Within your well-curved dimples

So comes hope
From the tiny cracks
We see hope
To survive in darkness

Emboldened with confidence
Just as you want to be
You are beautiful,
Ageless flying through the ages
My ebony sparks of hopes
Thank you for being here
To give hope and laugher

I celebrate You!


This poem was written during the lockdown declared by the federal government of Nigeria to curtail the spread of Coronavirus. Written on April 8, 2020.

Written by Victor Oroyi, from the published collection, Colours of Hope.

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