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Nature Unlike Humans…  A Victor Oroyi’s Poem

Nature Unlike Humans…

Enjoy this poetic piece titled Nature Unlike Humans… written by Victor Oroyi. It shares their contrast with a picture of the setting sun in Yenagoa to depict the poem.

Nature Unlike Humans...  A Victor Oroyi's Poem
Nature Unlike Humans…  A Victor Oroyi’s Poem || Sunset in Yenagoa used to depict this poem is taken by Victor Oroyi

Nature not like humans
Forgiving and loving at every time

It comes in peace
for humans in pieces
It comes in love
for humans hating themselves
It comes in calmness
for humans crying in agony
It comes in light
for humans in darkness
It comes with smiles for all
for humans who frown at the have nots
It comes in unison
for humans divided by color and status
It comes for everybody
for humans who seek their own

Nature not like humans
If only we learn from nature
Nature will smile more on us

Photo credit: Victor Oroyi (2015) Sunset in Yenagoa


Nature Unlike Humans…  A Victor Oroyi’s Poem

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