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Day 13 of Jerry Eze Fasting and Prayer 21 January 2023 Focus Operation Nations, Cities Open Up by Fire

Day 13 of Jerry Eze Fasting and Prayer 21 January 2023 Focus Operation Nations, Cities Open Up by Fire

Day 13 of Jerry Eze Fasting and Prayer 21 January 2023 Focus Operation Nations, Cities Open Up by Fire

Welcome to today’s Saturday 21 January 2023 for the 21 days fasting and prayer with Pastor Jerry Eze for day 13 with the prayer theme: Operation Nations, Cities open up by Fire! Who’s as excited as we are about DAY 13???


Study/Meditate: Psalm 24, 2:8, Isaiah 43:3, Jeremiah 22:29


2023, Nations, cities : EPHAPHATHA!!! 3x

NOT BY PROCESS BUT BY GRACE!!! (Psalm 44:3, Mark 7:34)

1. 2023 is my time and my turn TO GO AND PLAY IT BIG! I will make news for the right reasons! By the mantle of relevance upon me, Every answer/solution my generation is looking for is loaded in the womb of my Spirit! I command burst out by Fire! (John 7:38)

2. The mantle of Greatness rests on me! That Open Door that my strength/qualifications/labor/intelligence/know how cannot take me to, Oh Lord, by your supernatural power, take me there! I move ahead and enter by the Supernatural! Any power that arises to block, Break by Fire! (Revelation 3:8, 2 Corinthians 12:9)

3. I am THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD, Demonic coverings, patterns of smallness, cycles of mediocrity and obscurity that limited my shining in previous years, Your time is Up! This year, I burn hotter, I shine brighter! Fire!!!(Matthew 5:14)

4. I am that Burning and Shining Light! A strong voice in the market place, an unbeatable icon in business and career! Full of Heaven baked ideas! Highly sought after! The Joy of many cities, nations and Generations! I arise, I manifest by Fire, Hallelujah! (Romans 8:19)

5. This 2023, I Will be who God wants me to be! The family I came from, the city I live in/my background will not swallow my greatness! I break out! (Isaiah 10:27)

6. Giants, walls, mountains, limitations of last year I command you to go down by fire, I tear you by Fire! I Arise and I carry strong evidences that 2023 is my time and my turn for a Global Takeover! (Isaiah 41:15)

7. I carry the mantle of Influence! I am Mount Zion, The Lord has exalted and established me! By The force of God’s Glory, Men/women of substance, kings and queens, cities and nations will volunteer to help me! (Isaiah 2:2)

8. Cities and Nations have bowed, the favor, goodness and mercies of The King of kings is with me, therefore every Haman in form of systems/policies/structures that shall arise as a hinderance to the fulfillment of my prophecy, be uprooted by Fire!!! (Esther 2-7)

9. I am blessed; Empowered to Prosper! Powers that reduce and localize men, that stop men on the way or attack at the peak of their territorial breakthrough, not my life/career/business/ministry! I command, disappear by fire! (Genesis 1:28)

10. I am here in _(insert your city)_ but my mandate is Global! Angels with my trumpet of announcement, where are you? Arise, Blow, announce my name across Cities/Nations – Where it matters, When it matters, I must be remembered! – Fire! (Acts 1:8)

11. O EARTH, the same way you helped the woman in Revelations 12:6, wherever I step into, Help my destiny, Deliver your best! Dragons, Old serpents that shall arise against my prophecy fulfillment, swallow by Fire! (Revelations 12)

12. 2023, I HAVE THE KEYS!!! Into cities and nations, I arise and takeover, I arise and dominate, I arise to rule and to reign! I Sit on my throne, I wear my crown! I am that man/woman Helped by God, What God cannot do does not exist! (Revelation 3:7-8)

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