‘Ozo leave me, Am here for the Money’ Dorathy Charges in #BBNaija

'Ozo leave me, Am here for the Money' Dorathy Charges in #BBNaija

‘Ozo leave me, Am here for the Money’ Dorathy Charges in #BBNaija

The entanglement Ozo has Dorathy and Nengi entwined in might come to an end sooner than we think with Dora announcing that she doesn’t like the situation and she was going to remove herself from it.

She reiterated that her focus was on the money and she no longer wanted to be a pawn in this game.

Apparently, Ozo made a joke about their entanglement which Dorathy didn’t find funny and she made it known to him.

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“You can’t keep hanging around me and every time you keep saying someone is your spec and you mention the person’s name at the slightest opportunity,” she said. Dorathy further explained to Ozo that the whole situation looks funny and when her name (Nengi) comes up, “I try not to feel awkward cause I am here for something else.”  Her interaction with other Housemates has also been affected as a result of this entanglement. ” It’s almost like no one wants to talk to me because you are lurking,” Dorathy said. Ozo tried to broker peace but it fell on Dorathy’s sleepy ears as she insisted she wanted to sleep and he should leave.

Ozo appears to be in a quagmire that requires him to decide which of the ladies he wants to pursue a relationship with; even though he insists there’s no lady in the House he is entangled with. Some of you saw his situation for what it truly is.


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