Soludo’s Faulty Start on The Throttle

Soludo's Faulty Start on The Throttle

Soludo's Faulty Start on The Throttle

Soludo’s Faulty Start on The Throttle

It may be hasty, if not preposterous, at this point, to put a finger on the achievements of Prof Charles Chukwuma Soludo since he moved in on match 17, as the executive tenant, government house, Awka. That auspicious date, marked a turning point in the political history of the state. Given the fact that it was the first time, the state would elect an intellectual to president over its affairs. And that calls for great expectations. Ndi Anambra were hopeful that the long awaited political messiah has arrived.

It is rather too early to hazard such a venture. Even so, one can, without equivocation, offer that Prof is yet to find his rhythm in governance. Neither does his body language, paint the glossy picture of a man in a hurry to put his feet down by sharing the dividends of good governance to his people, early enough. Soludo, I must submit, is in the eye of the storm by reason of the multiple challenges, he is saddled with. From the formidable Onitsha touts, milking the state dry to the war against banditry and terrorism, the die is cast and the odds are against the government. The state, i dare is suffering from dystopia. Soludo needs more than mere disinfectants and deodorants to sanitize the system.

The velocity of his initial gragra has suddenly evaporated under a novel political climate after the contestation for power. This is due in part to the peculiar security challenges of the state. And the political complexity of the environment. Not to mention the enormity of the assignment ahead.

Bear in mind that the political arena is different from the class room setting. The demands of both enviroments are equally at variance from each other. Politics demands compromise, and bending backwards, most ofbthe times to achieve your set goals. To hit the bulls eye, one must let go of some considerations. Politics is not Algeria. Politics is a game that involves perception, emotions and realities. More often than not what you see is not what you get. There is an element of Machiavelian twist to politics. Soludo must of a necessity subscribe to the rules of the game by learning the ropes, and fast too.

Soludo’s deportment, so far does not in any way give room for cheers. Or applause. Again, i humbly submit, that Soludo’s body language does not ignite the fire of hope in the bones of the citizens. I say so with some measure of certitude because Anambra and indeed, Ndi Anambra are cringing and crunching under the heavy weight of insecurity. Occasioned by a motley of challenges including the burden of insolvency and other socio-economic disequilibrium.

To say, Anambra is bleeding is under statement. The state is boiling at at a very high temperature. No thanks to unknown gun men who have turned the entire landscape to a hunting forest. Anambra is no more than a ‘killing field’, apologies to Senator Douye Diri for want of a better expression. Allow me to borrow another expression from Chinua Achebe, an illustrious son of Ogodi in Anambra state, when he said, things fall apart, and the centre cannot hold, in the present circumstance.

IPOB and their ESN partners in crime have, within the last few months intensified the urgly reign of terror with such phrenetic fervour that is unsettling. Yet the government of the day seems helplessly, perhaps, overwhelmed. Or so it seems. All we hear is rhetoric, and the common refrain of government is on top of the situation. But the citizens are yet to feel presence of change in the baton. The people want to see some deep rooted, decisive actions that will send shivers down the spine of these obnoxious none state actors. The only language, they understand is the iron fist. You need to serenade them with courtesies of negotiations. Isn’t it outrageous to note that the people flagrantly disobey lawful authority because of the fear of IPOB? It goes without saying that IPOB has been accepted, unwittingly as a parallel government in the south east. They dictate when to gout and when to remain indoors.

Little wonder why, the governor’s orders are often treated with levity. His words are literally violated by the men of the underworld. Recently, he called off the Monday sit at home ordained by the IPOB, yet the people would not obey him. In fact, the citizens are more afraid of the criminals than the government. The unknown gun men have taken over the ungoverned spaces of the state.

They are the lords of the jungle. Anambra state is a dreadful place to be. Where is the zeal? Where’s the passion with which Soludo spoke so eloquently just a few days ago. At his inauguration, the governor excited his audience with innovative ideas and projections and proposals on how to broaden the fortunes of the state. He spoke animated lyrics about how he intends to create a new development path way for the state. Among other mouth watering plans and programmes.

Soludo's Faulty Start on The Throttle
Soludo’s Faulty Start on The Throttle

Clearly, there’s a desert of oasis in the journey from theoretical framework to political praxis. Ndi Anambra are obviously tired of rhetorics. They want to get back their lives. They want to,move around unhindered. They want to put behind the issues of insecurity. They want to sing nunc dimitis to insecurity and hosanna to to the new government. So far, all that is a mirage, a pipe dream, at best except steps are taken to change the tide.

I don’t want to believe, we have used our tongues to count his teeth. I just hope so. It’s not enough to theorise, you must be ready to translate them to concrete achievable dividends. Well, there is still plenty of room to effect a change of style. We can’t to experience the Soludonomics transformation of Anambra State. With his intellectual acumen and his wide range of experience in public service, Soludo should be able to pull Anambra out of the woods unto a new dawn of prosperity. The nation is watching for the examples from Anambra State.

Thomas Peretu writes in from Yenagoa, Nigeria

Thomas Peretu, a Yenagoa-based public affairs analyst tells us about Soludo’s Faulty Start on The Throttle

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