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Jerry Eze Fasting and Prayers 22 January 2022 | Day 13 Prayer Points

Jerry Eze Fasting and Prayers | Day 13 Prayer Points

Jerry Eze Fasting and Prayers 22 January 2022 | Day 13 Prayer Points

Take Day 13 prayer points of the 21 Days Fasting and Prayers of Stream of Joy International Church under the leadership of Pastor Jerry Eze to engage in the place of prayer today Saturday 22 January 2022.

Jerry Eze Fasting and Prayers 21 January 2022 | Day 12 Prayer Points


Read/Meditate: Isaiah 65:24; Genesis 24

Jerry Eze Fasting and Prayers 22 January 2022 | Day 13 Prayer Points

1. 2022: Early satisfaction, Early Answers, Early miracles!

2. 2022 : I shall be chosen, I shall be preferred, the mantle of relevance rests upon me, I receive my evidences earlier than expected!

3. All things are ready! 2022, By reason of the anointing, by the force of favor, as a sign of my new season, I receive that 10 in 1 breakthrough, news of joy, congratulations and celebration! My help has come, earlier than expected!

4. 2022 : God has become my process! Grace speaks over me, I am a candidate of early than expected miracles!

5. 2022: All things are working! All doors are open! There shall be no limitations, no confinements, no hindrances to my early satisfaction! Demonic forces that shall arise to contend with my prophecy, FIRE!

6. 2022, Contrary reports are torn by fire! I see strong men bowing, I see healing coming, I see an outburst of the Supernatural… the Lord satisfies me early! I receive my breakthrough, I carry my evidence! I testify!

7. In 2022, according to the Word of the Lord, my expectations will not be cut off. Every power that sponsors unfilled expectations, hear me now, not in my 2022, right now, get out by fire.


8. Protocols are broken for my sake. What took others time will happen for me earlier than expected. Amen

9. Every “Prince of Persia” blocking and holding back my Divine answers and causing me delay, hear me now, your time is up, right now catch fire!

10. No expectation of the wicked will prevail over my life, family, business, career and Ministry. Every evil arrow shot in my direction, return back by fire!

11. Every man/woman commissioned by Heaven to bring me my early answers but is sitting idle, today by the force of the Spirit, I move you with speed to my direction.

12. Every conspiracy of my enemies, every gathering of the wicked that has vowed that my expectations will never become reality, have you not heard that only the counsel of the Lord will prevail, right now, scatter by fire.

13. I am no longer where I used to be, my answers have come earlier than expected therefore by the miraculous Hand of God, I have entered into my “New”.

14. You satanic covering on my life that has made it Impossible for the carriers of my early answers to locate me, right now, you covering, tear by fire. Fire!

Jerry Eze Fasting and Prayers 22 January 2022 | Day 13 Prayer Points


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