Our Daily Bread ODB Devotional 13 December 2023 | Overcoming Trials

Our Daily Bread ODB Devotional 13 December 2023 Title Overcoming Trials

Our Daily Bread ODB Devotional 13 December 2023 Title Overcoming Trials

Today is Wednesday 13 December 2023, as you read today’s Our Daily Bread, ODB devotional titled Overcoming Trials written by … This message shall uplift your spirit today. Please, share with a friend.


Bible Verse for Today

You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good . . . the saving of many lives. – Genesis 50:20

Today’s Scripture: Genesis 50:15–21

INSIGHT | Our Daily Bread ODB Devotional 13th December 2023 Titled Overcoming Trials

Anne grew up in poverty and pain. Two of her siblings died in infancy. At five, an eye disease left her partially blind and unable to read or write. When Anne was eight, her mother died from tuberculosis. Shortly after, her abusive father abandoned his three surviving children. The youngest was sent to live with relatives, but Anne and her brother, Jimmie, went to Tewksbury Almshouse, a dilapidated, overcrowded poorhouse. A few months later, Jimmie died.

At age fourteen, Anne’s circumstances brightened. She was sent to a school for the blind, where she underwent surgery to improve her vision and learned to read and write. Though she struggled to fit in, she excelled academically and graduated valedictorian. Today we know her best as Anne Sullivan, Helen Keller’s teacher and companion. Through effort, patience, and love, Anne taught blind and deaf Helen to speak, to read Braille, and to graduate from college.

Joseph too had to overcome extreme trials: at seventeen, he was sold into slavery by his jealous brothers and was later wrongly imprisoned (Genesis 3739–41). Yet God used him to save Egypt and his family from famine (50:20).

We all face trials and troubles. But just as God helped Joseph and Anne to overcome and to deeply impact the lives of others, He can help and use us. Seek Him for help and guidance. He sees and hears. By:  Alyson Kieda

Bible in a Year : Hosea 12–14, Revelation 4

Reflect & Pray

How has God helped you through a trial? How have you been able to help another in their struggle?

Dear God, thank You! You helped me come through a trial. Please help me to be a helper to others.

Thank you for reading today’s Our Daily Bread ODB Devotional 13 December 2023 Title Overcoming Trials. God bless and apply what you read.

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